Website Terms & Policies

Advertising and gaining clients through your website is a great way to grow your business – however, you need to make sure you have the proper terms, policies and information in place.  

These lawyer-drafted templated documents give you the foundation and information needed to protect yourself and your website visitors.


Whether you’re starting out, shooting for free, or an experienced professional, legal protection is extremely important.

Because you never have an issue until you have an issue.

$249 ($716 savings*)

This is the essential bundle for anyone using a website to gain visitors and clients! 

This bundle includes the following: 

Privacy Policy Template: outlines clear expectations for visitors and what the site will be doing with their private information (required in some jurisdictions)

Terms of Use: this policy is a legal document on the terms and conditions of your site. Includes protections such as; Visitor acceptance of Terms, Visitor acceptance of Privacy Policy, Outlines what your business does, Ownership of site and content, Visitor obligations, Incorporates the Privacy Policy, Addresses Referral Links & Agreements, Intellectual Property Licenses, Disclaimers, Waiver, Severability, Entire Agreement, Disclaimer that Terms may change, Warranties, Limitation of Liability, Governing Law, Governing venue, Definitions Used, and Contact Information

These are GDPR compliant for purchases made after May 4, 2018.


*This savings is calculated based on a $325 hourly drafting rate. Estimations may vary by jurisdiction.

$109 ($541 savings*)

This agreement is to govern the relationship between a photographer submitting photographs to a blog for feature. 

Provisions include:

  • nature of service
  • submission and deliverables
  • rejection/approval of submission
  • compensation
  • intellectual property ownership
  • license
  • claim of copyright ownership
  • representations and warranties
  • indemnification
  • affiliate links
  • and more!

*This savings is calculated based on a $325 hourly drafting rate. Estimations may vary by jurisdiction.

$109 ($541 savings*)

Protect your photography business and outline expectations with giveaway contestants with this Giveaway Terms and Conditions Template!


  • Identification of Giveaway Sponsor
  • Eligibility Requirements (location, age, violation of requirements, etc.)
  • Identification of Prizes
  • Prize Selection Method
  • Prize Restrictions
  • Odds of Winning
  • Notification of Winners
  • Taxation
  • Waiver of Liability/Publicity
  • Sponsor Rights to Amend Giveaway
  • Governing Law