How using photography contract templates can save you money

Starting up any business is a costly endeavor; this is especially true in the photography industry.

Startup costs can be astronomical due to having to secure the correct equipment and ensuring it is of professional quality. Also, a startup has a lot of moving parts which have to align correctly at the get-go for your business to function smoothly.

TheLawTog is THE legal resource for photographers, offering contract templates to use in every aspect of your photography business; from start-up filings to client contract templates to dissolution of business documents for when you successfully retire from the industry.


That being said, no matter if you use our services or not, we want you to have a successful business and to be protected from all possible eventualities. I would like to take this time to remind you to ALWAYS HAVE A LAWYER DRAFT YOUR CONTRACTS. No matter what service you utilize, this is always Best Practice.


It’s true. The best part is, I’m not saying this as a lawyer. I’m sharing this time with you as a small business owner who wants to be legally protected but (frankly) would rather spend the money on more fun things.

Here’s the quick run down how templates, like we have, can help you SAVE!

Legally – Getting a contract template drafted by a lawyer and photographer will result in a more well-rounded contract. The majority of lawyers have never been a business owner, let alone a photographer. They just simply do NOT understand the industry and what you go through every day.

TheLawTog? Been there, doing that. 

-Time – With a solid -starting document instant-downloaded through a trusted source, you’ll be ready to roll.  While our contracts are comprehensive and drafted on general contract principles and can be used as-is, we always recommend review by an attorney to check on local state laws.  As you’ll see, not only will you save money but since many lawyers are slower on the turn-around, a review will be more efficient and a quick delivery into your hands.

Instant-download, fill-in-the-blank!

-Money – Probably the most important of the list. Money.  You know you need legal protection but you just simply don’t want to or don’t have what a truly experienced contracts and intellectual property attorney would cost. I’m pretty sure the math I spell out for you is going to blow your mind.

$2450 – Custom Drafted

  • Initial meeting ($450)
  • 1 hour research ($450)
  • 2 hours drafting ($800)
  • 1st draft meeting with you ($225)
  • Revisions ($337.50)
  • 2nd draft meeting ($225)
  • Revisions ($337.50)
  • Final meeting ($225)

$1074 Template + Revisions 

  • Contract template bundle (approx $399)
  • Initial meeting ($225)
  • .5 hour revisions ($225)
  • Final meeting ($225)

Ultimately, our goal is to help each of you have a comprehensively protected photography business.  

Savings on time, money and energy are priceless in business.  Be bold, make the right choice for your business!

Snag your all-in-one contract bundle now!

Rachel and TheLawTog team




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