Trade in Your Contracts for 50% Credit.

You deserve the best legal protection.

We’ve all been there: a shiny contract pops up in your feed and you click to purchase. Those ads will get you every time, eh? You open it up and realize that it may not be everything you need to protect your business.  

Let’s be honest. . .photographers are good at making pretty products, but they aren’t lawyers.  And contracts need to be written by a lawyer.

It’s time to level up your contracts!

If you purchased a contract from a source that you’re not confident covers your ASSets, we’re going to help you level up. 

Show proof of purchase* from any other contract provider and we’ll give you 50% of your purchase price from that provider in TLT credit.**

Step 1:
Provide Proof of Purchase

Email proof of purchase from another contract provider to info@thelawtog.com.

Step 2: 
Get Legal! 

Within 48 hours you’ll receive your credit.  Visit TheLawTogShop.com and upgrade!

Ready to level up?  Email us with your proof of purchase to claim your 50% credit!

*Proof of purchase must be provided in the form of a receipt from PayPal, payment provider or directly from company.  

**Discount may not be applied to already purchased items from TheLawTog®.  Credit is not valid in conjunction with other offers or promotions.

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