Top 6 tips for marketing your photography business

The goal of marketing your photography business is to attract more quality clients.

So how can you do this? Better yet, how can you do this without spending money you don’t have and working more hours than there are in a day?

We’ve got you covered. A crash course in marketing your photography business, √.

All the tips for making your photography business marketing budget stretch further than a batch of slime, √.

Information about how to leverage your photography contracts to creatively market your photography business, √.


Without further ado, here are 6 marketing tutorials to help you grow your business:


We think you should check all of them out, but so you can prioritize what to start with first, let’s dig a little deeper:


5 keys to marketing your photography business (easily and effectively)

If you’re not sure where to start – this is the place. Marketing isn’t just about getting noticed. It encompasses the entire client experience from the sales copy they see, to how you communicate with a prospective client, to how and when to ask for referrals from current clients.

These five key tips are a great starting point for drafting your marketing plan – and implementing that plan in a way that is cost effective!


5 ways to get the most out of your marketing

You’ve made big strides: You’ve got the website, the fancy logo and a solid portfolio but the clients aren’t exactly knocking down your door. What do you do now? You’re not exactly rolling in marketing dollars. Let’s dig into making the most of your marketing investment and building momentum in your marketing efforts. You’ve got this!


2 Strategies to Using Your Photography Contract for Creative Marketing

Contracts can be scary. We get it. But did you know that Contracts can also be key to your marketing strategy? Yes, they can! Here are two innovative strategies to help you leverage your photography contract to creatively market your photography business. Let’s get creative with those photography contracts!


Takes Two to Tango: Marketing and Sales for Your Photography Business

Do you understand the difference between sales and marketing? This tutorial explores the push and the pull of the marketing and sales relationship and offers some awesome and actionable tips to dial in both your marketing and sales.  So, let’s dance.


Do you have a purple ball? Marketing tips for photographers

How do you build a genuine relationship with your customers? Rachel shares a special lesson and marketing tips you can use now, no matter your marketing budget, to build great relationships with your clients that last long beyond a business transaction! Find your purple ball.


10 Quick Ways to get your business known in a busy world

All the noise. Information overload. It feels like being in the midst of a noise blizzard. Are you overwhelmed? We are. So how do you get your business known in a busy world? Try these 10 quick tips to cut through the noise in a meaningful way and get noticed for all of the right reasons! Let’s get your business known and let’s make it snappy!

We have so much more – check out MarketingMadness with TheLawTog – to walk you through marketing from understanding your clients to creating and implementing your marketing strategies efficiently and effectively.


Need help understanding marketing your photography business? We are here to help!



Top 6 tips for marketing your photography business


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