TheLawTog on The Beginner Photography Podcast

Check out Rachel, the owner of TheLawTog, who recently appeared on The Beginner Photography Podcast.

Do you love listening to podcasts while learning business at the same time?  We do!

This interview contains answers to many common questions about photography legalities.


In The Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How Rachel got started with Law and photography
  • What is a photography contract
  • Where to get a free portrait photography contract
  • When do you need to an LLC
  • Do children need to sign a model release
  • What needs to be on a photography contract for minors
  • Current laws about shooting street photography and selling photos
  • When is it legal to start charging money
  • When does photography change from a hobby to a business
  • The most common legal issues photographers face

You can check out the podcast here, Beginner Photography Podcast Ep. 135


TheLawTog on The Beginner Photography Podcast


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