3 Things you’re not doing for SEO that you need to be!

When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization), many photographers are completely overwhelmed.  Optimizing your website for a presence on the web is critical to being found by search engine searches done organically by potential clients.  There is alot that can go into, but here are three quick things you’re NOT doing for SEO that you should be.  SEO and Marketing Guru, Zach Prez, brings these three quick tips to help you optimize your blog/website for higher search rankings and presence in front of clients.  (Need more help? Check out Zach Prez’s SEO Cookbook + my review for recipe checklists to get you on your way!)


View the video below:

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P.S. Check out my article on Being Legal over at Photography Spark.



3 Things you're not doing for SEO that you need to be!

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