Sales is more than pricing. It is about psychology.

Tired of working overtime and not feeling a return?

What about how your sales are being presented?

In PriceIT, a portrait photography pricing guide, Rachel walks you through pricing from creating the pricing, choosing a structure that works (including her personal recommendations) and implementing pricing!  

This educational download is a great springboard for newer photographers lost on pricing, or good for experienced photographers seeking to gain insight into psychology and recommendation of pricing on top of the baseline formulas.

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This book doesn’t just walk you through – it also has writing assignments to help you develop the best pricing for your business.

PriceIT a 43-page ebook + 8 audio lessons to guide you through the pricing from cost of doing business, to psychological processes with clients.  The lessons have an assignment at the end to walk you through the process. 


Topics covered:

  • Costs of doing business – figuring up what you’re currently spending 
  • Volume and profit – working on current levels, thinking about optimal levels and goals for future
  • Product and service offerings – what do you provide, want to provide, or want to nix?
  • Client reservation fees – getting the client booked and how this impacts your pricing
  • Collection sales – the use of collections to manage the flow of money and minimum amount spent
  • A la carte menus – implementation and use of a la carte menus to drive clients to the orders you want
  • Market analysis – engaging in a market analysis to determine your overall pricing strategy
  • Changing prices – how to efficiently and successful make changes in pricing without alienating clients
  • Reevaluating pricing – how to know when and what changes need to be made at reevaluation time

 Are you ready to price, profit and succeed?


About the author

Rachel Brenke is a lawyer, photographer and business consultant for photographers. She is currently helping creative industry professionals all over the world initiate, strategize and implement strategic business and marketing plans through various mediums of consulting resources and legal direction. Disclaimer: I am a lawyer but I'm not your lawyer! View my entire disclaimer here


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