Review of the Colorvale Photographer’s Planner

colorvale planner review

 Here is my review of the Colorvale Photographer’s Planner

The Deets

Imagine a luxury book that allows you to see your hopes & dreams come true. This professionally printed & bound book will capture the things you are doing, what you want to be doing and give you the comfort of knowing it is all laid out in front of you. Colorvale has developed a planner that encompasses your entire business from the day-to-day tasks, marketing, scheduling, client workflow and beyond.

Stay organized by tracking monthly events, client & business workflow chart, sales, expenses, daily activity, blogging, giveaways, ordering, editing, sales, taxes and more!  Using the tab system to quickly move around to each month.  This book was designed with quality in mind.  Extra was put in to ensure a strong but flexible cover, bound for a professional yet sturdy feel, and 70# white paper.

 Here are the contents within:

Personal Information

  • Track your business links, favorite sites & resources, forums & magazines


Monthly Goals, Objectives & Measurables

  • Take control by seeing your goals and actuals side by side
  • Track things like # of clients, # of referrals, Average session turn-around, increase in followers and so much more!


Monthly Calendar

  • 12 blank calendar months
  • Hand write month, goal and notes
  • Track beginning FB like count & ending month FB like count
  • We suggest tracking the likes because it lets you know if word of mouth is working or any other advertising you are doing is helping increase visibility



  • Use as a client workflow with will process from contract, photographing, culling, editing, and order
  • Use for bills or home tracking such as chores & more


Weekly Planning

  • Take control of your daily obligations, ideas, marketing & more
  • Area for tracking daily sessions, culling/editing, orders, sales, and so much more!
  • 5 weeks work (each week has a two page spread)


Additional Notes

  • Great tracking for ideas, events such as client anniversaries, engaging question ideas to help with social media interaction with clients, advertising platforms and follow-ups.


Monthly Checklists

  • Track your giveaways, blogging, marketing, personal growth & more


Monthly Sales & Expenses

  • We created a two page spreadsheet for each month that will allow you to track things such as clients, retainers, final payments and orders.
  • Also includes is expense tracking such as monthly fees, supplies, marketing fees and other.


The Review

I have to say – I’m often requested to review planners and I always grumble slightly because they are always the same.  Always.  When I opened the box to check out this planner I was blown away.  Seriously.  I’m super big at electronic scheduling and organization but I have found that hand writing notes helps me to think – and now I have a seriously awesome format that inspires creativity and productivity.  Normally I’m scribbling on a piece of paper with no real organization until I have to rip it out and rewrite it all – Colorvale’s planner gives me the places to do everything.  

Note: Colorvale has not sponsored this post or paid me for this review – this is my good ol’ fashioned honest feedback!


The Pictures





Images provided by Colorvale

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You can checkout Colorvale’s Planner and all other goodness here!


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