Kick the overwhelm.

Let TheLawTog tell you which tasks to do every single week.

I was where you are right now.

Overwhelmed. Stressed. Just needing a helping hand!

See – I started my photography business while I was in law school, pregnant, and with small children in tow.  

As if that wasn’t difficult enough, my active-duty military husband was deployed. I was single-handedly managing home and business.

The only way I was able to get things done was to keep checklists and stay on task.

I didn’t have time to sit down and try to figure out what needed done – I needed action. 

That’s what Revamp52 can do for you. 

We TELL you what you need to be doing, all year long.

Who is this for?

If you fit into one of these - Revamp52 is for you!
  • I get overwhelmed by all I have to do!

  • I don’t know where to start!

  • I have so much to do, so I do nothing!

  • I’ve bought courses, but have no time to go through them!

  • I don’t know what I don’t know!

  • I need accountability!

What's Included?

52 weeks of business tasks

You will receive multiple checklist items to work toward per week.

Access to TheLawTog® team knowledge

Within our private community, you get the access to pick the brains of TheLawTog team.

Monthly Videos

Monthly videos will be loaded into your account to introduce the tasks you will be working on.

On-The-Go Access

View all the videos and checklists on your smart phone or internet-enabled tablet for on-the-go!


Printable checklists to mark your progress, keep notes, and record your own inspirations.


An entire calendar year of access so you can access at your own pace, without any rush, and you can take a break if something comes up.

Private Community

Exclusive Facebook group with fellow Revamp52 students.

Sneak Peek

Take a look!

How does this work?

Immediate access

Simply check out and you’ll have access to the videos and tasks!

Download the Revamp52 book

Download, print, and bind! Get it out of the computer and onto your desk. (PDF can also be edited in Adobe).

Watch the video

Watch the first of the month video + go through each checklist of tasks for the week.

Check out resources

We will include articles and other resources to help guide the implementation of tasks.

Pick TheLawTog Team's Brain!

Get involved in the group and ask questions – we can help you!

Task Categories

A broad overview
  • Business formation
  • Taxes
  • Contracts
  • Insurance
  • Retirement
  • Website Maintenance
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • and more!

Whether you’re new or been in business 10+ years, these tasks work for you. Initial implementation or review!


52 weeks of business tasks + private access to TheLawTog team.
Let us tell you what to do!

Hi there!

I'm Rachel Brenke.

In case we havent met before. . .

I am a licensed attorney in Virginia, Texas, and with the Supreme Court of the United States (Yes!!).  I also have an MBA with an emphasis in marketing.   I also have over a decade experience of getting small business owners from zero to SIX AND SEVEN FIGURE businesses.

You’ve probably seen me at CreativeLive and WPPI. Or sharing virtual stage space with Sue Bryce, Amanda Holloway, Susan Stripling and more!

​You can find testimonials all over from photographers who came to me desperate for help and left with specific, actionable advice that completely transformed their business and their lives.

I am excited to give you 52 weeks of actionable tips to keep your business on the path to success.

What Revamp52 is not.

online web course  |  legal advice subscription

The entire goal of Revamp52 is for us to hand-deliver you weekly

checklist items that should be a routine business audit + give access to our team!


Let's do this!


  • How do I download the tasks? The robust task guide will be loaded into your Revamp52 portal on TheLawTog as a PDF to keep + portal embedded tasks.
  • Can I print the task guide? Yes! Of course!
  • When are monthly videos loaded?  First of the calendar month!
  • When does my access end? One year from sign up! But you get to keep the task guide!
  • Can I cancel my access? Yes! Cancel from your account area. We do not offer pro-rated access, so you have it until your current term is up!
  • How is Revamp52 different from BizRevamp®? BizRevamp is a substantive informational course full of videos for education and DIY.  Revamp52 is the accountability task program to help implement the needed tasks in your business.
  • What if I need legal advice? This is not the program for you. Please seek local counsel or reach out to
  • What are the full terms? Read our membership terms here.



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