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With a large list of lawyer-drafted contracts we have broken them down into categories, whatever your need or niche, we have you covered.

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We’ve made finding your contracts easier than ever.  Simply pick your needs from the topics below.

What makes our contracts different?

  • All contracts at TheLawTog are lawyer-drafted!
  • No recurring fees, one time and you’re done!
  • Peace of mind as you protect your business.
  • Use in any online system or print for paper use.


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How-To Guide & FAQs
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  • Download (and back it up!)
  • Select the options based on notes and blanks in the document
  • Use in any online system!
  • CYA – Always check with local lawyer!


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  • Are these good for outside of the United States? These are general contract templates drafted on United States contract principles
  • Can I edit these? Yes!
  • What extension do these files come in? All contracts come as Microsoft Word document files (Opens in NotePad, Word, Google Docs and more!)

I am a lawyer but I’m not your lawyer! Please see our full legal disclaimer here.


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Here is a cliff notes for you:

  • No refunds/exchanges on digital products
  • Don’t be a jerk – protect the intellectual property you just paid money for and don’t share!

Whether you’re starting out, shooting for free, or an experienced professional, legal protection is extremely important.

Because you never have an issue until you have an issue.

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