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We get it. Managing finances for your photography business can be scary. You’re afraid of missing deductions or ending up in the red.
While you’re passionate about photography, when it comes to managing receipts and calculating taxes, you get overwhelmed. This is completely understandable.

That’s why we’re here.

Our team of photographers, lawyers and CPAs created this accounting spreadsheet and accompanying toolkit to simplify things. We made this spreadsheet specifically for photographers.

It’s key to taking control of your finances.

When tracking finances, you have a few options. You can do it on your own, pay a monthly fee for accounting software, or use what we’ve created. In our [biased] opinion, we truly think you’re a click away from making a really smart business investment.

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We get it. Managing the business for your photography business can be scary. You’re afraid of missing out.

This toolkit is a great way to get organized with your workflow, sales tools, as well as around the office.

Included in the toolkit:

  • Accounting Spreadsheet (.xls)
  • Workflow Chart (.psd)
  • Photographer Invoice (.xls)
  • Photographer Receipt (.xls)
  • To do lists (.psd)
  • Weekly notes (.psd)
  • Desktop Organizer (.psd)
  • Timeline Cover (.psd)

See more about the accounting spreadsheet here.

If you’re worried about actually using the spreadsheet. Don’t be.

With a basic understanding of Excel, you’re all set. The download includes notes that explain exactly how to use each function.
This spreadsheet will help you make better business decisions and stay on track. At the end of the year, you can share your completed spreadsheet with your CPA.

This makes reporting easy.

Meeting your professional and financial goals is crucial to your success. This is an investment you deserve.


This download has a workflow chart, accounting invoice, photographer receipt template, to-do lists, weekly notes template, desktop organizer template, timeline cover template…and the ever famous…..accounting spreadsheet.

7 spreadsheets with every formula you need. When you input numbers, the formulas automatically complete the calculations. This saves you time and money. Instead of stressing over finances, you can focus on doing what you love.


Instead of committing to a monthly membership fee, or struggling through accounting tutorials, a one-time investment gets you everything you need. The spreadsheet pays for itself by not only tracking income and expense but taxes too.


These aren’t just generic tools. They were created for photographers. We understand your industry, income streams and what you need to track. These are more than spreadsheets and invoices. It’s advice from people who know the ins-and-outs of what you do.

After downloading the kit, you’ll have tools to keep your business organized.

But probably most importantly, here’s what you can start tracking immediately with the accounting spreadsheet:

Client Receipts: record date, order, customer payment type and sale amount; calculate sales tax, calculate cost of goods and profit; track mileage to get your deduction

Inquiries: record and track name, address, phone, date of inquiry, follow-ups and notes

Cashflow: track monthly and annual income and expenses including cash and check deposits, cost of goods, client gifts, business fees, tax and overhead

Income and Goals: track quarterly sales goals, gross profit, expenses, net, anticipated sessions, actual sessions, inquiries, converted inquiries and mileage

Client Information: record name, address, email, phone, children’s birthdays and notes

Taxes: track sales, federal and state tax

Lifetime Customer Value: calculate total payment for each customer and grand total


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