Marketing Legalities 101


Did you know that you could be marketing illegally?

We really don’t want your downfall to be over something as simple as disclaimers or proper permissions.

Don’t freak out. I can help you.

The hardest part is the knowledge, which I can give right to you.

At the end of this – you’ll be confident that you’re protected..and who knows..maybe you can pay it forward with encouraging others to get protected!

Scroll down to see what you will learn!

How To - On Demand


What you will learn …


Email and Newsletter Marketing Legalities

Education and tips on how to use and implement newsletter marketing in your business legally


Website Legalities

Yes. Your website may not have the proper legalities in place. Quick checklist to help you.


Referral Fee Arrangements

Have you engaged in referral fee arrangements with other businesses? Don’t get busted by the FTC on this!


Using Client Testimonials In Marketing

Who knew this is regulated? Oh yes. Heavily. If no other lesson helps you – this is one you really need.


Fair Use Laws

Using intellectual property in your business marketing? Make sure you know the differences in Fair Use and commercial.


Commercial Licensing

Use this lesson to ensure you have the proper commercial licenses in place for marketing.


On-Demand Access includes…

Specialized Legal Education

State and Federal Legal Review

7 Videos from TheLawTog with 24/7 online access

Exclusive Educational Community Access


Join the thousands of photographers before you that have gone through these videos to ensure they are marketing legally!

This on-demand access provides the DIY steps to making sure your marketing is legal.  We will not provide any filing services or advisements.  All information is for educational purposes only and does not substitute for an attorney. TheLawTog® provides this general information to assist your knowledge when seeking legal counsel.  This on-demand access mirrors the Marketing Legality module in Marketing Madness.

How do I use the On Demand courses? 

Simple. Upon registration you’ll have 24/7 access through your TheLawTog my account.

You simply to go “My Purchased Courses” and select which one you are trying to access.

From there you will see: 

  • Introduction
  • Course Materials
  • Lessons
  • Videos
  • Access link to the exclusive community group

You can read all of the current terms here.

Here is a cliff notes for you:

  • No refunds/exchanges on digital products
  • There is an expiration date on email links – but you can log into to get your products
  • Don’t be a jerk – protect the intellectual property you just paid money for and don’t share!

I am a lawyer, but I’m not your lawyer!

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