Photography Exposed: Going Full Time & Converting Inquiries


Hey you!

The other day I watched my oldest helping his younger brother get his shoes on and it hit me…why don’t we do this more as adults? Seriously.  Especially in business?

A few weeks ago I had y’all ask what you need help with!  So here we are with installment #2 of addressing some of YOUR concerns (see yesterday’s responses here).

Because I truly want to help. 

My kids see my examples at home and in business – but I want to set an example for other business owners as well.  And why shouldn’t we? We are all in this together.

We all have freedom to do what we want in business, but here is some guidance – whether starting out or seasoned – we can all benefit from another’s perspective – even if we may not agree with it!


Issue #1 – Converting inquiries to clients

Here’s some  questions to think about:

  • Do you have a standard way that you respond to clients?
  • How are you delivering your information?
  • Are you following up?
  • What are the responses you’re getting from inquiries?
  • Have you evaluated and changed anything? If not, why not.

A consistent client workflow is important to give everyone the same experience as a habit across the board – then frees you up to do the extras for your inquiries and clients.

Try this little exercise:

  • Tally up responses you get from inquiries when they don’t book
  • Figure up your percentage of inquiries that are converted to clients
  • Look at doing a survey with your current clients
  • Take the answers from survey and make sure to emphasize the positives to inquiries

Once you get someone in door, then you can implement the “wow” of the client experience – but without the proper hook you’ll never get there. Focus first on the conversion of inquiry to client – then maintain them as a client – cause then you can work on converting that client into a walking-talking billboard for you!


Issue #2 – Transitioning to Full Time Photography

Whether your goal is to be part-time or full-time… full-income or supplemental-income – it can ONLY be one with a business plan. Don’t zone out on me here.  Having a proper busines plan and business set up can increase your producitivity and potential for success immensely.

Start with these goals:

  • How many sessions do I want to shoot this year?
  • How much money do I HAVE to make?
  • How much money do I WANT to make?
  • Do I want to quit a full-time job? What is the deadline for that?
  • If happy right now – then what is the next step to “level up” – what are your 1, 3 and 5 year overarching goals?

Start with all of these “end goals” and work your way BACK.  It is super easy to look at now and look at destination then get overwhelmed in the process.
Eat it a little at a time.

  • Do I need to increase prices?
  • Do I need to lower my costs?
  • Do I need to take more clients?
  • Do I have any clients I can follow up with to get back in front of camera?
  • What about past inquiries? Maybe their circumstances/minds have changed?

Here is just a good foundation of questions to ask yourself – and then follow ups to get from A to Z.   It is the process that makes the end worth it – so do the process.  It’s hard. It’s revealing. But you can’t cross a finish line without breaking a little sweat.

So that’s all for today on the little tid-bits of info in response to those who graciously put themselves out there for the world to see.
I still can’t believe CreativeLIVE is over – and now time for BizRevamp enrollments to close tonight!

I am so excited checking out the students and the progress some are already making in Module 1 – all about business formation.  We are going to embark on life-time access of constantly updated information on taxes, insurance, websites, client management, pricing, budgets, business planning, legal information (of course!!)

If you want more information you can read here – while I hate closing enrollments I am excited to see where these students are at the end!

Let’s do this [biz] thang!

Rachel Brenke

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