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Limited Liability Company

Are you unsure of how to set up your LLC? 

Maybe you already did it but are unsure of what to do now? Or, perhaps, you want to double-check the work? 

Honestly, friends, you shouldn’t be scared to be protected.

The hardest part is the knowledge, which I can give right to you.

You will learn the following:

  • How to choose a business name
  • Making sure an LLC is right for you
  • Filing State required formation forms
  • Drafting an Operating Agreement
  • Preserving your limited liability protection
  • Tax tips
  • Getting an EIN
  • Other necessities


Trademark Registration

Have you protected your brand? 

Trademark registration is a super valuable protection for your business name, logo and/or slogan.  Without registration, trademark protections are super limited under common law.

WITH registration, you can stop others from use, license out use of your mark, and other great benefits.

Registration is a standard cost-of-doing-business and is one that is truly worth committing to. 

Think of it this way, you’ve worked super hard to build your brand. Or create your logo. Or invested in a slogan.

You should protect it as though it is your livelihood…cause guess what? It is the very source indicator of your livelihood.

What does this mean for you? 

Get a federal registration and protect your brand.  Keep others from similar or same use.  Maybe you can even license out usage and earn some money.

But in order for you to do this, you need to have your trademark on lock down. 

You will learn the following:

  • Trademark 101
  • How to register your trademark
  • Trademark usage
  • Tips for enforcement against infringers
  • Other necessities


Marketing Legalities 101

Did you know that you could be marketing illegally?

We really don’t want your downfall to be over something as simple as disclaimers or proper permissions.

Don’t freak out. I can help you.

The hardest part is the knowledge, which I can give right to you.

At the end of this – you’ll be confident that you’re protected..and who knows..maybe you can pay it forward with encouraging others to get protected!

  • Email and Newsletter Marketing Legalities
  • Website Legalities
  • Referral Fee Arrangements
  • Using Client Testimonials In Marketing
  • Fair Use Laws
  • Commercial Licensing


Business Planning 101

Is your business wandering aimlessly?

Unsure of where you are headed?

Honestly, friends, you shouldn’t be scared to be have a plan.

The hardest part is the knowledge, which I can give right to you.

At the end of this – you’ll have created a plan with step-by-step help..and who knows..maybe you can pay it forward with encouraging others to get a plan in place!

You will learn the following:

  • Learn what type of planner you are
  • Finding your niche
  • Creating a business plan
  • Crafting a vision statement you’ll achieve
  • Planning to grow your team
  • Bonus: Planning for a studio

Pricing Mini-Course for Photographers

$99 (Saving $100)

Tired of going into your client sessions and unsure what you’re going to make? Or are you maybe scared/unsure of in person sales?

That is okay. Sales, in the traditional sense, is not for everyone. You can circumvent this process in a more efficient and customer-serving method through pricing appropriately and working with client psychology for sales.

As a mom of five with also a working husband – it can be extremely difficult to find the time or coverage to meet with clients in person. Maybe you’re in the same predicament, or just don’t like sales. That is okay.

This on-demand mini-course will go over these topics in a way you can get this adopted immediately:

  • examining your costs
  • cutting costs
  • identifying volume, range and desired profit
  • client reservation fees (deposit, retainer, etc.)
  • creating collections
  •  a la cart menu items
  • getting paid resources (programs)
  • planning for the future
  • and more!

The entire goal is so that you enter into a session with client with your minimum amount guaranteed (note: it’s not actually what you may think!) and how to work with psychology so they choose to make more without your need to push sales.


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  • Videos and transcripts
  • Resources
  • Bonuses
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Note: This mini-course is an excerpt of the large BizRevamp course – there may be other lessons referenced that are not available- however, this will not impact your knowledge or quality of education.

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