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I’m Rachel Brenke, I’m a lawyer and I’m also a photographer just like you.round-headshot

This website and blog are all about helping photographers like you with the business, marketing, and legal side of photography. So I’m here to help you make your business grow and thrive.

And since I’m a working…

  • Lawyer*
  • Photography studio owner
  • Photographer’s business consultant
  • MBA with emphasis in marketing
  • Mother of 4 children
  • Author of The Laundry List
  • National Speaker
  • And I also have experience as a military wife who’s constantly relocating my business every few years…


.. I’ve got real life experience in making a photography business successful from the ground up again and again. I simply have no other choice. And I gotta tell you, it hasn’t been easy to make my businesses work in different places around the country all these times, but I’ve gained such valuable experience. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

And now with all this experience, I’m here to help you jump-start your photography business. The right way, and the profitable way (which is the most fun way of all!). 

So if you want real-world help with the photography business plan,  marketing strategies, and legal side of photography, you’ve come to the right place.

There is no other place where you can legitimately get all of that rolled into one.

Seriously. Welcome, I’m glad to have you!


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*Attorney Barred (licensed) in Texas, Virginia, and the Supreme Court of the United States