Are you overwhelmed with marketing your business?

You don't need to be.

Marketing can be fun & effective if you know what you are doing!

Except right now, you're probably feeling one of these emotions ...


You are so overwhelmed by the noise and advice out there that you don’t know which way to turn –so you don’t go any direction. 

Lack of Time

Time is so little and precious that you feel like you’re either wasting it,or just don’t have time to do it!


You would rather be focusing on your photography and planning the next creative session for your clients to enjoy!

If you fall into one or more of these categories then Marketing Madness® is for you!

Whether you’re new, or have been in business a while – we can all use a little (or a lot) of help learning how to properly & effectively market our business.

Back to basics. And straight through the madness.

Marketing Madness® is an online, six-week webcourse to help walk you through all of the important aspects to marketing. From getting you back to basics and through exercises that will stretch your understanding of your clients to creating and implementing strategies efficiently and effectively.

Marketing Madness® is built on the following fundamentals.

Click the + for an in-depth details.

Week 1: Where do I start?

This is your foundation week. Your business identity, client avatar and cultivation of brand are the foundation to a successful marketing plan.

Do you know who you are trying to attract? Where do they shop? What do they wear? What do they drink?

If you can’t clearly give me a 6-8 sentence paragraph listing specific demographics – your vision is muddled. This is causing for muddled marketing. This lesson alone would get you back your money + revolutionize your marketing.

Week 2: ​How do I even plan?

Together we will hone your professional research skills, analyze your competition, and develop a strategy to provide a foundation to your plan.

You will also actively engage in a strength and weakness analysis that can turn your entire perspective on its head…which brings us to…writing and revising your marketing plan.

Trust me..we will have fun.

Week 3: ​I don't know what to write!

Finally we are getting into the fun stuff! This week you learn to write to make sales without being salesy. To goal is to serve and not sell..yet sell so we can make money!

In this week we will learn about word choice, headings, calls to action, presentation, and power of video for sales.

There’s a bonus video from a Copywriting Expert to help you craft this skill

​Once you learn these – you’ll never have to second-guess your writing vision again.

Week 4: ​Marketing Online

This is the area that most online marketing courses teach – but as you can see, it is only one part of the entire marketing plan.

That doesn’t mean this is a quick-go-by lesson. We will dig deep into social media platforms, develop a strategy, evaluate and fix your website userability, and learn SEO so that you can do it yourself. that’s not nearly intensive enough for you, right? How about we add in email marketing, blogging for success, newsletter marketing, Google analytics analysis AND learn how to SPY on your potential clients?

Let’s do this.

Week 5: ​How do I market offline?

I’m willing to lay money that the majority of your competitors are so overwhelmed trying to get through online marketing – they are barely scratching the surface (if at all) for offline marketing.

You will learn to:

•Create and cultivate business partnerships
• Client referral programs
• Community involvement
• Publications
• Expos and fairs
• Speaking engagements
• Open houses & client events

Week 6: Marketing can be illegal?

This wouldn’t be a TheLawTog® course without learning legalities. This will keep you out of hotwater with state government and the FTC. I’ll provide a legal, yet understandable, explanation to each of the following areas so you can stay out of trouble!

• Referral agreements
• Email/newsletter compliance
• Website legalities
• Commercial licensing
• Using testimonials legally
• Fair Use Laws

What is included in my enrollment?

Video Lessons– To-the-point videos so you can quickly go through, understand, and absorb the material – given weekly with Study halls built in for maximum impact!

Printable handouts, checklist and worksheets –  …so you know exactly what to do to take action and super-charge your business
On-The-Go Access – You can view all the videos on your smart phone or internet-enabled tablet (So you can take this stuff with you wherever you go, and learn at your convenience!)
Transcripts & Downloads – Plus, you’re can download full video transcripts and  audio files (so you can listen in your car — many folks find this extremely useful to learn faster and retain more)
LifeTime Access –and you’re even getting LIFETIME ACCESS so you can learn at your own pace, without any rush, and you can take a break if something comes up.
Private Community –Inclusion in a private community with other  students and photographers like yourself
Feedback – Community based responses to your questions – you’re not left to your own devices here!
Continually Updated Information – New content always being added!

I'll give you the content & the strategies ...

You just make it happen.

This marketing course is right for you if ...

You are tired of not attracting the right client or you want to have a more automated marketing plan or you need help figuring up the best strategy.
MarketingMadness Testimonial

Hi there!

I'm Rachel Brenke

In case we havent met before …

I am a licensed attorney in Virginia, Texas and with the Supreme Court of the United States (Yes!!).  I also have an MBA with an emphasis in marketing.   I also have over a decade experience of getting small business owners from zero to SIX AND SEVEN FIGURE businesses.

You’ve probably seen me at CreativeLive and WPPI. Or sharing virtual stage space with Sue Bryce, Amanda Holloway, Susan Stripling and more!

​Over 150,000 entrepreneurs have signed up for my email list and thousands of them have taken this course before you.

​You can find testimonials on this page of photographers who came to me desperate for help and left with specific, actionable advice that completely transformed their business and their lives.

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