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General Portrait Photography Essentials

It can be overwhelming to run your own photography business. From contracts and release forms to intellectual property law, the complexities are intimidating.

As a team of lawyers and photographers, we know what it’s like.

And we don’t want fear of the unknown keeping you up at night.

That’s why we offer affordable photographer contracts tailored to professionals just like you.

What makes our contracts different than others you may find?

  • All contracts at TheLawTog are Lawyer drafted
  • No recurring fees, one time and you're done!
  • Peace of mind as you protect your business
  • Use in any online system or print for paper use

Rachel Brenke is an active practicing lawyer for photographers who intimately understands laws that impact people just like you — making TheLawTog the best solution for your photography contract templates.

She knows the proper legal and strategic items to include in your contract so you’re protected + offering customer service + setting expectations.

The Basic Contract

$289 savings*
  • Portrait Photography Contract
  • BONUS: Model Release (General & Limited)

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The Essentials Bundle

$514 savings*
  • Portrait Photography Contract
  • BONUS: Model Release (General & Limited)
  • Print Release
  • Permission to Sell To a Third Party

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The Ultimate Bundle

$820 savings*
  • Everything in The Essentials Bundle
  • Payment Plan Contract + bonuses

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*This savings is calculated based on a $325 hourly drafting rate. Estimations may vary by jurisdiction.

Rachel is my legal touchstone. Without her, I would not be able to protect my business or intellectual property in a way that I can be sure will stand up in court. I’m so glad she’s on my team.

Amanda HollowayIndustry Leading Portrait Photographer
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The Portrait Contract

This portrait agreement covers all of the pertinent areas any photography business owner should have to cover themselves legally for a portrait photography session and creates the relationship with the client.

Includes provisions such as: coverage, payment schedule, completion schedule, rescheduling/cancellation, proofing, artistic rights, etc.

(Included in The Basics, The Essentials & The Ultimate Bundle Set)

Model Release

A model release is a legal release typically signed by the subject of a photograph granting permission to publish the photograph in one form or another. This form also releases any claims the client may have to future compensation for use of images.

The download includes two model releases:

#1 General Release includes language covering adults and minors

#2 Limited Release includes options to allow the client limit the use of their images by the photographer

(Included in The Basics, The Essentials & The Ultimate Bundle Set)

Print Release

The print release form is readily customizable to be included with digital file orders to outline the do’s and dont’s that the client can do with your art. This gives the client the permission to print only – does not give permissions for commercial or other uses. This does reemphasize the copyright laws. (Included in The Essentials & The Ultimate Bundle Set)

Permission to sell to a third party

This agreement allows the Client to provide the Photographer permission to sell photographs from their photography event to private third-parties. It also acts to define uses, restrictions on purchasers and specific images that are sold to third-parties. (For example: Parents of the bride/groom, wedding party participants) (Included in The Essentials & The Ultimate Bundle Set)

Payment Plan Contract Bundle

Use payment plans as an “ace in the sleeve” way to make larger sales with your clients.  By having a payment plan contract, authorization to charge, and guidance – you’ll be set to start taking larger amounts of money while servicing your clients.

This download includes a Payment Plan contract and the following bonus items to help you implement payment plans properly!

Credit Card Authorization Form
Photography Invoice Template Form
3 Mini-Scripts for Payment Plans

(Included in The Ultimate Bundle Set)

A La Carte

Because sometimes you just need a little more protection.

Protecting your business with clear and comprehensive contracts is non-negotiable.

Whether you’re starting out, shooting for free, or an experienced professional, legal protection is extremely important.

Every contract template we provide is easy to edit and should be tailored to reflect business policies and laws in your state.