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I’m Rachel (if we haven’t met already) & I’m the head honcho over here at TheLawTog.  

You’ve may have even seen me at CreativeLive & WPPI (or even sharing the stage with people like Sue Bryce, Amanda Holloway & Susan Stripling) —- eeekkk —- even I get all giddy about that line-up!

I’m a licensed attorney in Virginia, Texas and the Supreme Court of the United States.  I also have an MBA with an emphasis in marketing & have over a decade of experience in getting small business owners from zero to 6 and 7 figure businesses.  

But enough about me … lets get onto the good stuff (pppssssstttt … it’s a free photography contract!)

Download Your Free Photography Contract

Because you never have an issue until you have an issue.

The current freebie is the product delivery agreement.  This is one of a few photography contracts that are needed in the course of protecting your photography business.  In fact, this document is one of the most over-looked yet vital documents needed – which is why we are giving it away for free!