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TheLawTog offers a variety of online webcourses to guide and teach photographers to a successful, profitable and legally-protected photography business.

TheLawTog is your go-to legal resource for photographers.
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The ONLY Legal Workshop You Need

BizRevamp® is for you.

The only business webcourse taught by a lawyer & photographer with step-by-step instructions to make sure you’re a legal and profitable business.

  • Setting up a legal business (LLC, Corporation!)
  • Taxes – organizing and filing
  • Retirement planning
  • Insurance choices
  • Contracts
  • Copyright Registration
  • Trademark Registration
  • and more!

On-Demand Courses

marketing Legalities

Your All-in-One Marketing Course

Did you know that you could be marketing illegally? We really don’t want your downfall to be over something as simple as disclaimers or proper permissions. 

At the end of this – you’ll be confident that you’re protected..and who knows..maybe you can pay it forward with encouraging others to get protected!

  • Email and Newsletter Marketing Legalities
  • Website Legalities
  • Referral Fee Arrangements
  • Using Client Testimonials In Marketing
  • Fair Use Laws
  • Commercial Licensing

Own Your Brand Bundle

Protect Your Brand

Are you ready to truly OWN your brand?  Cause right now I bet you’re sitting there not even knowing what that means….which also means you haven’t taken the steps needed to truly own and control your brand.  

You’ve worked so hard to build a recognizable and solid brand that helps to bring in clients but if you haven’t taken the steps to copyright, trademark (and other steps!) you are risking losing and failing to maximize your potential!

In this course bundle you’ll learn tips straight from an Intellectual Property Attorney, TheLawTog, PLUS:

  • DIY Copyright (Logo, photographs, etc.)
  • DIY Trademark (business name and logo)
  • Intellectual Property transfer doc
Taxes 101

Simplify Your Taxes

Did you know that taxes don’t have to be frightening or stressful? We really don’t want your downfall to be over something as simple as lack of knowledge or disorganization. Don’t freak out. We can help you out. The hardest part is the knowledge, which we can give right to you.

At the end of this 4 part video + downloadable guide series – you’ll be equipped with knowledge specific to photographers to keep you out of hot-tax-water. Join Andrew Jordan from BigPicture CPA and Rachel Brenke, TheLawTog in this instant-access, video tutorial series to get your photography tax planning in order.

What you will learn:

  • Four Major Taxes
  • Record Keeping
  • Estimates
  • Saving Money on Taxes
  • Filing Info
  • Staying out of Tax Trouble
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