DIY How to make a banner prop for your photo session

As someone who doesn’t excel as a child photographer, let alone my own children, I attempted to take my son’s 6th Birthday pictures but I didn’t want to invest in any props until I was sure he would cooperate.  I decided that I love all the banner portraits and wanted to give it a whirl.

Here’s a DIY on how to make it in 5 minutes




– Roll of String or Twine (less than $3)
– Scissors (less than $5)
– 12×12 Multi colored scrapbook paper (less than $10 depending on brand and amount) – only need about 10 sheets
– Stapler (less than $10)
– Staples (less than $2)


Step 1: Cut your twine the length that you want



Step 2: Fold over 1 12×12 scrapbook page to make a triangle

Step 3:  Slide the scrapbook sheet onto the twine


Step 4: Staple the corners to hold the twine or string


Step 5: Keep going – make sure you leave room at the ends to tie into trees or hang on backdrop stand


Step  6: Tie into trees in select location (Don’t knot too tight or you’ll have to cut it off – take scissors on location just in case!)


DIY How to make a banner prop for your photo session


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