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Shifting the Money Risk to Clients During COVID-19

The COVID-19 Virus has wreaked havoc on so many areas of our lives, especially our livelihoods in running a photography business. Now that we are over a year into this, many jurisdictions are open for photography, but that comes with its own host of issues. In our newest video, TheLawTog®- Rachel Brenke – talks about how to evaluate your existing

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How to close your business

Deciding to close your business can be a stressful but needed choice. Here is a high-level checklist to help you walk step-by-step to wrapping up your business affairs.   Protect the intellectual property Make sure to transfer all intellectual property from entity to yourself personally – this includes photographs, logos, etc.  – Use this document

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Legally Covid – Protect Yourself In Pandemic

Understanding the legalities that protect you from liability during pandemic is especially important.  In this video, I walk you through the liability legal triad (that is needed outside of pandemic as well) covid specific contracts needed tips and tricks to navigating this time and more! Snag our entire Covid-19 Legal Contract bundle here.   MUST

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The Legal Client Timeline in Covid-19 | Covid Contract Photographer

We get how scary these times are. We also know how extremely overwhelming and unknown trying to run a photography business is – even when NOT in pandemic. It’s okay. We have your back with this timeline view of the legal contracts needed in your photography business.  But before we get to this.  Understand I,

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Post-Covid Photography Business Reopening Checklist

Reopening your photography business during and after this pandemic can be extremely overwhelming! We recorded this video during the middle of pandemic, as many places started phasing openings.  Please use it as a general guide to assist you in reopening your business. To snag our full Covid-19 photography contract bundle – including a reopening checklist

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Top Covid-19 Photography Questions

General FAQs What do I need to have in my contract?  Rescheduling Cancellation Force Majeure Covid-19 Protection See all a-la carte provisions here   How can I protect myself if a client still wants to photograph? Make sure you have proper liability insurance and use a Covid-Specific Liability Waiver   Why should my waiver be separate from

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COVID-19 has thrown a wrench in everyone’s plans – and that definitely means legal issues for photographers. We specifically developed this bundle to help aid you in this time!

Want to snag our COVID-19 specific contract template forms and checklists? We’ve put them into this one bundle for you!

  • Reschedule Addendum
  • Ala Carte Force Majeure Provision
  • Reopening Checklist
  • Reopening Procedures Notice Template
  • Cancellation of Contract
  • Covid-Specific Liability Waiver


Hey there!
In case we haven’t met, let me introduce myself! I’m a mother of five, wife to army veteran and lover of rescue dogs. On the professional side I’m a photographer, business consultant and lawyer. 

I help photographers, like you, to legally protect yourself and run a successful photography business.  These videos are just one part of the many resources I have for you. 

Thousands in the industry trust me, for good reason. I have a proven record of winning copyright infringement suits for photographers and delivering solid legal advice. 

I’m humbled to be able to help you all during this time. Please let myself, or the team, know if you need anything,

Rachel Brenke

ATTN: TLT Purchasers

If you currently own a TLT contract template…


The good news is TheLawTog contracts were drafted with contingencies (such as COVID) in mind- they are already providing you the protections needed during COVID. The only exception would be for Assumption of Risk liability waiver, which is a separate document and available in the shop.

TheLawTog® contracts include cancellation and reschedule language that aids in circumstances, including the current Covid-19 pandemic. There is also force majeure language available as an a la carte contract provision which can be added to the contracts. However, as force majeure was only able to be invoked for a short period of time, there are also a la carte contract provisions available with cancellation, reschedule, and substitute photographer language.

TheLawTog® Covid-specific Release of Liability Waiver is a risk waiver for those assuming the risks of proceeding with events or sessions during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. This liability waiver is different than how the cancellation and rescheduling provisions work. Simply put, the cancellation and rescheduling provisions are for cancelling and/or rescheduling an event or session and do contemplate Covid and other situations, even if not specifically addressed.

If you are seeking Covid-specific language addressing mask usage, social distancing, etc., we have a Photographer Responsibility provision available. However, our existing safe working condition provisions included in event/wedding contracts may be sufficient.

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