How to hire a second shooter for wedding photography

Second shooters can be of great help to event photographers, particularly wedding photographers; they can help you capture parts of the event that you just wouldn’t get to otherwise. They are also the place many photographers begin if they are interested in specializing in wedding or event photography – especially when they are trying to build...
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How do I write a wedding photography contract?

Having written agreements with your clients creates legal protection for both parties, outlines expectations and provides customer service. You should never go into any photography session, especially a wedding, without some written documentation.  While we recommend use of an attorney and/or TheLawTog’s “already done for you” contract template forms, you are the owner of your...
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Quick Legal Checklist: How to start a photography business- the right way!

Starting a photography business is exciting, but setting up business is so super important! We need to make sure you’re on the right path!   This high-level checklist is great EVERYONE.  The hobbyist considering going legal The newbie wanting a guide The advanced photographer running their yearly audit These are the steps you need to...
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Couple signs. Dad pays. Who is my client?

Couple meets you. Loves you. Signs the contract and model release. But what happens if a third-party pays? Or wants to sign? What then? It is important to understand who the actual [legal] client is so that your business keeps walking the straight and narrow by delivering to whom you owe a responsibility. Hang with...
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Do venues have claims to photographs taken on their property?

You recently shot an incredible wedding and everything went perfectly! You edited your photos and the happy couple absolutely loved them. You posted a sampling to your website and then your parade got rained on with you received an email from the manager of the wedding venue claiming that since the venue could be recognized...
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Who is my wedding photography client if someone else pays?

When you book a wedding it is automatically assumed the bride and groom are your client right? Wrong. Sort of.  It is important to understand who the actual [legal] client is so that your business keeps walking the straight and narrow by delivering to whom you owe a responsibility.    Hang with me through this...
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Top Wedding Photography Contract Provisions

Being a wedding photographer can be amazing as you get to help plan a couple’s special day, shoot off to exotic locations on airplanes, and share once-in-a-lifetime (to that couple) shots on your website. However, weddings are considered a “white glove” type of photography event that requires a bit more experience, professionalism and attention to detail....
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Legal Rights for Photographers (Video)

Where can I shoot from? What are my rights?   Have no fear! TheLawTog is here with quick reference video for you!   Running a photography business is very overwhelming. Knowing how to photograph is only a sliver of it. Knowing how to set up and pay your taxes and adhere to all the laws...
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Arkansas Bill keeps the Shutter Open to Lawsuits

Hear that sound?  That was the sound of Photographers “shuttering” over this new Arkansas bill and what it come mean to photography as a whole.  On March 24, the Arkansas Senate passed a Bill, titled “The Personal Rights Protection Act,” to protect the Individual’s name, voice, signature, and likeness from exploitation and authorized commercial use...
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Do wedding guests need to sign a photography model release form?

You publish an awesome wedding feature for one of your favorite couples of the wedding season.  It was a dream with the details, engagement of the wedding party and the venue was to die for.  The feedback from your audience is amazing with raves and likes.  Then you get an inbox message from a guest...
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Just Released: Photobooth Photography Contract

This agreement covers all of the pertinent areas any photography business owner should have to cover themselves legally for a portrait photography session. Includes provisions such as: coverage payment schedule completion schedule rescheduling cancellation use of props set up permits and permissions etc. Does not include a model release. Must be purchased separately. These contract...
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If I own copyright of the image do I still need a permission to post?

“I am a portrait photographer and I have a website where I maintain online galleries.  In my viewpoint this is not an ad, merely an art exhibit; I do not view them as being used in a commercial way. My contract has a clause in it stating that I can use the images from that...
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Just Released: Destination Wedding Photography Contract

This agreement covers all of the pertinent areas any photography business owners should have to cover themselves legally for a wedding. Includes provisions such as: coverage payment schedule completion schedule provided meal copyright rescheduling cancellation travel requirements artistic rights, etc. Does not include a model release. Must be purchased separately. These contract forms are not state...
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Most Popular: Wedding Photography Contract by The Law Tog

Woot woot for wedding photogs! The wedding contract bundle is currently the most popular contract in the shop! This bundle includes the following forms: Wedding Contract Model Release (Adults) Model Release (Minors) Print Release Second Shooter Agreement (Or Shooting assistant) Product Delivery Agreement You can snag it here at a discounted bundle rate. Wedding Contract – This...
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The Ultimate Photography Contracts Guide

Looking for help and direction on photography contracts? Look no further! We have the Ultimate Photography Contracts Guide! Contracts can be confusing – if for no other reason than sometimes they can be almost impossible to read! This guide gives you links to some of our most popular articles, and taken as a whole offers...
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I was sexually harassed as the wedding photographer!

In a lot of the information I share with photographers – I assure them that I have literally been through it all, good and bad.  I’m so fortunate that throughout my 10-year career there have been great moments like working with celebrity clients, photographing an exclusive wedding at the top of the Philadelphia Art Museum...
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5 Legal things every wedding photographer needs

Weddings are full of something old, something new, and something blue…at least in the bride’s mind.  As a creative industry professional, photographer or videographer, it is your responsibility to fill the legal gaps that may not be necessarily apparent to the client to ensure their day goes off without a hitch. Events such as weddings...
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Wedding Day Timeline: Tips for shooting a wedding – part 3

Related posts: Part 1  |  Part 2 So you have booked the Wedding and today is the big day!! What should you expect? What should you plan for? Read along for some helpful tips. Typically for myself, the planning begins the first time I sit with my bride and groom. I personally like to do...
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Tips for shooting a wedding (part 2)

  Last week, I went over the five things to do to even think about shooting a wedding. Today’s is about the actual prep portion! Weddings seem to be 80-90% pre planning and post production, however without that other percent you’d have nothing so make sure you’re ready!! Every single wedding is its own beast....
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Tips for shooting a wedding (part 1)

As always, my blogs arise out of frequently asked questions, and this is one of my favorites! Weddings are beasts. Pretty beasts, but beasts. Why do I say this? I have found that no two are alike. They are always different. Different locations. Varying lighting. This is also what makes it fun!! Just remember, weddings...
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