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5 Legal Things Every Wedding Photographer Needs

Weddings are full of something old, new and something blue…at least in the bride’s mind.  As a creative industry professional, photographer or videographer, it is your responsibility to fill the legal gaps that may not be necessarily apparent to the client to ensure their day goes off without a hitch.   Events such as weddings...
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Wedding Day Timeline: Tips for shooting a wedding – part 3

Related posts: Part 1  |  Part 2 So you have booked the Wedding and today is the big day!! What should you expect? What should you plan for? Read along for some helpful tips. Typically for myself, the planning begins the first time I sit with my bride and groom. I personally like to do...
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Tips for shooting a wedding (part 2)

  Last week, I went over the five things to do to even think about shooting a wedding. Today’s is about the actual prep portion! Weddings seem to be 80-90% pre planning and post production, however without that other percent you’d have nothing so make sure you’re ready!! Every single wedding is its own beast....
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Tips for shooting a wedding (part 1)

As always, my blogs arise out of frequently asked questions, and this is one of my favorites! Weddings are beasts. Pretty beasts, but beasts. Why do I say this? I have found that no two are alike. They are always different. Different locations. Varying lighting. This is also what makes it fun!! Just remember, weddings...
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