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New: Volunteer Photography Contract

This agreement includes contractual provisions needed to outline a NON-PAID – COMPLETELY VOLUNTEER photographer and organization for either coverage of an event or individualized shots. Comes with an Organization Informational Sheet to compile all Organization data.  Includes provisions such as: coverage (services and products/images provided) timeline volunteer status artistic rights construction indemnification permits and more! All contracts...
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5 Tips to successful photography portfolio building

Portfolio building is a great way to get your photography business off the ground, propelled into offering a new type of photography, or simply getting yourself out of a rut by getting creative. However, in order for portfolio building to be successful for you, there are come key things to understand.   How can I portfolio...
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Model Call Photography Contract – Now Available!

This contract is intended for photographers actively portfolio building with model calls or have models for a various of reasons (workshop/mentoring modeling, continued portfolio building, etc.) The goal with this agreement is to outline all responsibilities of both parties and INCLUDES THE MODEL RELEASE.  Optional provisions are available to allow you to select if any...
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If I own copyright of the image do I still need a permission to post?

“I am a portrait photographer and I have a website where I maintain online galleries.  In my viewpoint this is not an ad, merely an art exhibit; I do not view them as being used in a commercial way. My contract has a clause in it stating that I can use the images from that...
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How to reevaluate your business plan for continued success

It is NOT too late to get your biz on the right path for success! When it comes to business you hear people say all that time…plan plan plan.  Well of course! You decide and plan to do something.  But what does that really entail? Believe it or not, planning is a very routine process...
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Now Available: Military Homecoming Photography Contract

This Military Homecoming Photography Contract is an agreement for photographer and client when hired to photograph Military Homecomings.  This template is to be amended for the specific situations that are applicable to the branch, unit and other circumstances that exist for your client. Provisions include: retainer and payment cancellations rescheduling of homecoming events previous existing obligations...
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Is using live animals during a photography session legal?

Every year around Easter, photographers pop up with advertisements putting out the call for sessions with live animals – such as bunnies or baby chicks. In fact, who am I to argue that these would be super cute photos? I’m a mom. I dig it. But the lawyer side of me agonizes over this because many...
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The Ultimate Photography Contracts Guide

Looking for help and direction on photography contracts? Look no further! We have the Ultimate Photography Contracts Guide! Contracts can be confusing – if for no other reason than sometimes they can be almost impossible to read! This guide gives you links to some of our most popular articles, and taken as a whole offers...
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Newly Released: The Ultimate Portrait Contract Bundle

We have a la carte forms, bundles and now THE Ultimate Portrait Contract Bundle! This bundle includes these forms: Portrait Contract Model Release (Adults) Model Release (Minors) Print Release Permission to Sell To a Third Party Product Delivery Agreement Payment Plan Agreement Credit Card Authorization Form Invoice Form 3 Mini-Scripts for Payment Plans   For...
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What if my client doesn’t want to sign a model release form?

Client sends an inquiry.  You respond excitedly. They pay the retainer/deposit. Just waiting on contract. You think all is good – then the client throws you a curveball. They are questioning the model release form. What do you do? Let’s check out what a model release is, when you need one, and how to deal with this...
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Publication, inspiration and plagiarism: A Guide to online etiquette

There has been great hub-bub the last few months about publications that have leaned on inspiration so much that it borders (or hurdles) the line of plagiarism – or has been outright plagiarism.  On top of that, I receive emails on a regular basis about websites who snag photographs from photography websites and use them...
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