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Top 10 reasons to have a photography contract

I know, I know. You’re thinking that I’m just telling you to use contracts because I’m a lawyer. You partially right. and partially wrong! As a small business owner, just like you, I want to spend my time on the FUN part of business and not dealing with cleaning up messes. The good thing is,...
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Quick Legal Checklist: How to start a photography business- the right way!

Starting a photography business is exciting, but setting up business is so super important! We need to make sure you’re on the right path!   This high-level checklist is great EVERYONE.  The hobbyist considering going legal The newbie wanting a guide The advanced photographer running their yearly audit These are the steps you need to...
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Photographing children’s birthday parties: special legal issues

The sounds of giggling laughter, balloons, party favors and cake. Children’s birthday parties are often a swirl of activity. Photographing Children’s birthday parties can be a lucrative opportunity, especially as there is an increased likelihood of referrals from within your client base. But, photographing children’s parties often give rise to additional complicating factors that a...
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When Photography Meets Immigration – Foreign Freelance Photography Visas

Photography is an awesome, mobile career but there can be legal barriers when coming and going from your native country.  The United States attracts a lot of creative types from all over the world. Once photographers experience the creative vitality of places like Los Angeles or New York, they often want to stay. However, as most...
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Top Books To Revolutionize Your Photography Business

Many times, photographers learn the setup process and get their workflow down – then move onto improving their artistic skill.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it leaves out a very key piece to the business puzzle. Continuing education shouldn’t just be a mandated requirement for some careers.  It is really a necessity for all small business owners, especially...
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Public, Private or “Not-Sure” Property and Shooting

You usually shoot all your sessions in your studio and always use your standard contract without issue. You recently received a request for an engagement photo shoot somewhere else, maybe at a fire station where the groom works or the stadium of the couple’s favorite team, and now you have a bunch of questions swirling...
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Photography Sessions and No Show Clients

You have been emailing with a potential client, set up a photo shoot date, researched posing and theme ideas, turned down other clients, set up and paid for child care, arrive at the location and wait and wait and wait…a NO SHOW!  You set up a model call and have booked four back-to-back sessions in...
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Reproduction of Photographs: What is legal?

Do you remember in 2nd grade when Susie copied your cool new high top converse all stars and your side pony tail? Remember when your Mom said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Well, that may be true, but don’t forget about this little thing called copyright! Here is the scenario: You take...
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How to form a partnership in your photography business

LLC. LLP. DBA. CEO. CIO. IDK??? The business world and the legal world are filled with acronyms that can be a big headache to attempt to navigate. As a business owner, you probably already know the basics, but as your business grows you may be faced with a number of decisions and options dealing with...
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Legal Issues of Photographing School Events

Today everyone has the ability to take a photo anywhere, of anyone, at anytime. With this insurgence of cameras at-the-ready, a lot of uncertainty and wariness has arisen regarding what is and is not allowed. This uncertainty may not apply to you since you have likely spent time researching the legal parameters of what a...
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Legal Rights for Photographers (Video)

Where can I shoot from? What are my rights?   Have no fear! TheLawTog is here with quick reference video for you!   Running a photography business is very overwhelming. Knowing how to photograph is only a sliver of it. Knowing how to set up and pay your taxes and adhere to all the laws...
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Arkansas Bill keeps the Shutter Open to Lawsuits

Hear that sound?  That was the sound of Photographers “shuttering” over this new Arkansas bill and what it come mean to photography as a whole.  On March 24, the Arkansas Senate passed a Bill, titled “The Personal Rights Protection Act,” to protect the Individual’s name, voice, signature, and likeness from exploitation and authorized commercial use...
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How To: Photography Intern Hiring

Your business is booming and you keep getting inquiries from fledgling photographers about internships. You start thinking about it, and a little extra help for your business might not be such a bad thing! Someone to take over some easier tasks for low (no?) cost could help ease your burden and allow you to take...
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Is photographing a logo legal?

As photographers, we don’t just have shoots in a studio. We are out and about, constantly scouting fun and unique backgrounds. This might bring us downtown, where we might utilize a unique storefront as a backdrop or having an engagement shoot in a bookstore for two bookworms. In these instances you might purposefully capture a...
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Is a Pinterest inspiration board photography copyright infringement?

You’re hammering away at your client workflow and planning the session with your client.  It is going to be killer.  Awesome location.  Capable and fantastic hair and makeup artist. But it all comes to a screeching halt when it is time to have your clients visually show their vision of the session.  You wonder to...
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Photography copyright misuse: only the smile remained

“Defendants removed so much of the original that, as with the Cheshire Cat, only the smile remains.” There are many blogs that discuss the legal ramifications of using other people’s images without consent – photography copyright misuse. However, what about the person who receives consent or a non-exclusive right to use a specific photograph and...
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Top 20 TheLawTog Articles for Your Photography Business

As we wind down the year here is a listing of the top 20 TheLawTog blog posts to help you get your business in gear for the New Year!   TheLawTog is the legal resource for photographers with photography contracts, live webinars, online education and exclusive email tips.    1. How to set up (or...
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How to photograph your clients wrapped in Christmas lights (or not!)

You don’t. Yes, I know that they can be super cute – and it is okay for you to do to yourself, but for a client? There may come a time that you want to draw the line in the faux snow covering your studio floor.  Some actions are not worth the liability-ridden factor that...
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Should I hire a CPA or a lawyer for my photography business?

My husband is great at helping cook, clean and get things ready for my “last-minute-must-throw-a-Pinterest-worthy-party-although-I-didn’t-plan-anything.”  So he ends up bearing the brunt of picking up the food I failed to plan for – and bless him- he tries. Yes, he’s going to kill me for this sharing this. So I’m full out trying to throw...
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If I imitate a photography session is that copyright infringement?

I came across a great location and gained permission from the property owner to use it.  A well-known photographer has used that location for a few years.  I have had a wooden swing and this location is the perfect place to put it up and use it.  This same photographer also uses a wooden swing...
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Top Mistakes Photographers Make (but you don’t have to!)

Not everyone goes into business having all the answers. Okay I’m sure there is no one.  If you are – simply delete and go on your way!  😉  Ah good you’re still here.  I figured you would be.Even if you’ve grown up with a business owner parent, or better yet a photography business owner parent/mentor...
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