Quick Legal Checklist: How to start a photography business- the right way!

Starting a photography business is exciting, but setting up business is so super important! We need to make sure you’re on the right path!   This high-level checklist is great EVERYONE.  The hobbyist considering going legal The newbie wanting a guide The advanced photographer running their yearly audit These are the steps you need to...
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Legal Rights for Photographers (Video)

Where can I shoot from? What are my rights?   Have no fear! TheLawTog is here with quick reference video for you!   Running a photography business is very overwhelming. Knowing how to photograph is only a sliver of it. Knowing how to set up and pay your taxes and adhere to all the laws...
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Arkansas Bill keeps the Shutter Open to Lawsuits

Hear that sound?  That was the sound of Photographers “shuttering” over this new Arkansas bill and what it come mean to photography as a whole.  On March 24, the Arkansas Senate passed a Bill, titled “The Personal Rights Protection Act,” to protect the Individual’s name, voice, signature, and likeness from exploitation and authorized commercial use...
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To Trade or Not To Trade? Photography Barter Situations Broken Down

Bartering – the exchange of goods or services without money – is a long-standing tradition in many cultures and not uncommon in the modern business world.   However, it can be a hot-topic and potential messy situation if not handled correctly.   Let’s take a look at the good and the bad, and then cover...
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3 Quick Tips for Valentine’s Boudoir Marketing

If you want boudoir shoots for Valentine’s Day, the time to start marketing is now! Valentine’s Day is one of the most profitable holiday bookings of the year for boudoir; women are thinking about romantic ways to surprise their men! According to Google trends, searching the term “Boudoir” spikes in January and February. If you want more...
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Top 20 TheLawTog Articles for Your Photography Business

As we wind down the year here is a listing of the top 20 TheLawTog blog posts to help you get your business in gear for the New Year!   TheLawTog is the legal resource for photographers with photography contracts, live webinars, online education and exclusive email tips.    1. How to set up (or...
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Review: Miller’s Lab Signature Album

This review is on Miller’s Lab Signature Album.  The Deets Beautifully simple from start to finish, Miller’s Signature Album is one ultimate album for every client. With a one-piece wraparound cover design, up to 100 pages, photographic and press papers, thick or thin page options and multiple cover options all included in the price, this...
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5 Tips to successful photography portfolio building

Portfolio building is a great way to get your photography business off the ground, propelled into offering a new type of photography, or simply getting yourself out of a rut by getting creative. However, in order for portfolio building to be successful for you, there are come key things to understand.   How can I portfolio...
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Model Call Photography Contract – Now Available!

This contract is intended for photographers actively portfolio building with model calls or have models for a various of reasons (workshop/mentoring modeling, continued portfolio building, etc.) The goal with this agreement is to outline all responsibilities of both parties and INCLUDES THE MODEL RELEASE.  Optional provisions are available to allow you to select if any...
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If I own copyright of the image do I still need a permission to post?

“I am a portrait photographer and I have a website where I maintain online galleries.  In my viewpoint this is not an ad, merely an art exhibit; I do not view them as being used in a commercial way. My contract has a clause in it stating that I can use the images from that...
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The Ultimate Photography Contracts Guide

Looking for help and direction on photography contracts? Look no further! We have the Ultimate Photography Contracts Guide! Contracts can be confusing – if for no other reason than sometimes they can be almost impossible to read! This guide gives you links to some of our most popular articles, and taken as a whole offers...
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3 Easy steps to booking up Valentine’s Day

I know it seems like Valentine’s Day is far away, but if you’re wanting boudoir/glamor bookings for Valentine’s Day, you need to get a plan in place, NOW. The best thing would be to get this done BEFORE holiday vacation that way you don’t wake up from your food coma in January and realize it’s...
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