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If your website doesn’t do this, you’re probably losing visitors

This article is from one of our affiliates, Jenika McDavitt, from Psychology for Photographers.    Let’s talk about cookies for a second. I’ve been on a quest for the perfect sugar cookie recipe for years now.  Recipes that differ only slightly can produce dramatically different results, so knowing which recipe to try next out of...
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Does my website need a copyright notice?

You’ve seen them in the footers, sidebars, and maybe even in blog posts.  Copyright notices are published in a variety of manners, such as TheLawTog Copyright 2014-2017 or TheLawTog © 2017 or 2017 © TheLawTog.  Even where they are placed varies depending on the site you visit. But what is legal?  Do we have to...
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Not so secret awesome marketing plugins for WordPress photographers

If you have a photography website driven by WordPress, then this is one article you won’t want to miss. Why? There are a lot of plugins out there that can help your business, but today I am going to share some of the best of the best. These plugins will help build an email list,...
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Blogging tips for photographers

I want to blog BUT…. …I don’t have time! …I don’t know what to blog about! …I don’t have a blog! …no one will read it anyways!​ <insert excuse here>​ So you’ve probably said one of these excuses right?  Blogging should be a necessity.  It helps your web presence, gives clients a tool to talk about...
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3 Things you’re not doing for SEO that you need to be!

When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization), many photographers are completely overwhelmed.  Optimizing your website for a presence on the web is critical to being found by search engine searches done organically by potential clients.  There is alot that can go into, but here are three quick things you’re NOT doing for SEO that...
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Does bounce rate really matter to photographers?

I logged into Facebook one day and noticed a mention from Rachel Brenke on The Law Tog Group Facebook page.  That’s always nice to see so the first thing I did (before replying to family emails) was to check what she said. Turns out that Rachel’s mention was in reply to one of her fans...
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Top best FREE resources for photographers

We’ve talked a bit about how to avoid the pricing game and controlling business costs but how else can you stay competitive without losing your profit margin?  Easy!  Seek out some of the best resources available to you free of charge!  Now…I am a big advocate of normally you get what you pay for.  For...
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Review: SEO Cookbook from Photography Spark

So what is it? Recipes To Rank Higher is a guide that has over 100 pages of knowledge and advice, helping you achieve business success through search engines.  Learn 31 ingredients Google considers important, 6 tools to power your optimization efforts, and 23 recipes to rank higher.  This is essentially an SEO Cookbook from Photography Spark written by the infamous Zach...
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Setting up and running a legit website for your photography business

If you’re reading this, you cannot ignore the fact that the Internet is where IT is at. It is where EVERYONE is at. Seriously. If you have just settled for any ol’ website but it doesn’t have functionality, exudes your branding, or is bringing in clients…then what is the point?!  To be able to obtain...
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3 Easy steps to market your photography business using Pinterest

What is Pinterest? Pinterest ( is an ever-growing and popular social media site where users can virtually “pin” their favorite images, articles, tips & tricks to their “boards”. Users follow each other allowing your pins to go viral as your friend list grows. Let’s get into the fun stuff next!     Step 1: Get...
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10 Steps to the perfect blog post

Posting a perfect blog post is NOT rocket science, my photographer friends. But it does take work. For the past three years, I’ve been bombarded with the statement “I’m a photographer! Why should I have to be a writer??!!”    Facts for Google So to break it down for you, I’m going to go over...
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5 Ways to get exposure for your photography business

One of things I am asked most frequently is how do I get so much exposure.  Honestly? I just go for it.  That’s pretty much my attitude with everything in my life. If I want something, I make sure it happens, or else exhaust all possibilities to obtain it. I have many blogs on marketing...
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How to drive traffic to your site – the wonders of SEO

Today, let us continue the trend of discussing marketing!  Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s active, not passive. You must hustle and put yourself in the path of the client.  Many newer photographers starting out do not have the budgets to market, and even established photographers are taking advantage of free marketing through...
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Web PRESENTS – SEO for photographers

Yes…I used the wrong word for presents because Web Presence = Presents!   Having web presence will bring presents to your business in the form of exposure, clients, and networking.  Never underestimate the power of the internet. In this day and age, everyone is pretty much connected.  Even my grandma is facebooking it with the rest of...
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