2 Easy DIY Christmas Light Photography Tutorials

It’s that time of year again!   The lights, the glitter, the Christmas carols, and endless possibilities for photos. As a gift to you, we have put together a few tutorials to help you step up your Christmas photography game.   Here are 2 tutorials for your Christmas photography: How to shoot Christmas tree lights...
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How to add copyright information to your images in Lightroom

Lightroom is one of my biggest loves because of the ease of use. Truly so much is at your fingertips without having to recreate the wheel each time. I wanted to take you through a quick tutorial on how to add copyright data to your images and save the preset so that on import your...
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How to shoot Christmas tree lights like a pro!

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…to play with lights, cameras, and a little bit of action! Corny huh?  Nah this is actually quite fun! We’re going to go step-by-step to learn the different methods to shooting Christmas tree lights. In a dimly lit room clear all distractions away from your tree or move...
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How to photograph shaped Christmas tree bokeh

  As if the sparkle from a Christmas tree isn’t enough we’ve got this fun & easy to follow tutorial on how to photograph Christmas tree lights into shapes. Go on … have some fun & pull out the construction paper.  This one would also be fun to let the kiddos participate in.    ...
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Tutorial: How to Make a Watermark Brush

This is only ONE of the many methods to protecting your art is to embed copyright.   For more posts on copyright law check them out here! Obviously this is not a full-proof way to safeguard but every bit helps.  Is this going to stop people from screen shots or removing the watermark? No but it can work...
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Design Your Space: Photographer’s guide to designing your home

You have a compilation of photos and/or art pieces you would like to use in your home… what to do? Scared of actually putting them on the wall? How do you plan so it doesn’t look like a blind monkey threw them up on your wall? Gather your favorite photos and anything you love. I’m of...
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The difference between full frame versus crop frame cameras

I’m sure you all know that there is a huge price difference between a Cropped Camera and a Full Framed camera, but what’s really the difference.   Cropped Sensor (APS-C) Cameras with these small sensors are referred to as cropped. The sensor is smaller than that of a full framed 35mm sized sensor. The size is usually close to...
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Wedding Day Timeline: Tips for shooting a wedding – part 3

Related posts: Part 1  |  Part 2 So you have booked the Wedding and today is the big day!! What should you expect? What should you plan for? Read along for some helpful tips. Typically for myself, the planning begins the first time I sit with my bride and groom. I personally like to do...
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How to engage children in portraiture

Have you ever had a photography session with a family of young children, and you can tell the kids don’t want to be wearing the outfits that their Mom chose for them, they don’t want to smile or anything to get a good picture? Well…. I have been photographing young children for over a year...
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How to set a custom white balance on your camera

Setting a custom white balance sounds scarier than it is. It took me a couple of years to “try” it. When I finally did, I laughed at myself because it was so easy. Then, I kicked myself for all of the hours that I wasted fixing the white balance in photos post-production…hours that could have...
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How to get proper in-camera shots

A couple weeks ago I discussed the importance of why you should strive to nail it in camera.  Here are some tips on how to achieve this! Most of you reading my blog come for business and marketing tips, but I promise stick with me.  By implementing a better in-camera strategy, you will maximize your...
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5 Reasons to strive for proper in camera shots

Nailing it in camera. Scientific term? Hardly. But it definitely hits the nail on the head (har har…pun intended!).  Nailing your photograph in camera is what you should be aiming to achieve.  Sure, shooting with knowing you want to do a certain post processing is fun, but post processing won’t work if you don’t have...
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How to create shaped bokeh in your photos

This is not an original post but some fun for me this season!  I actually first learned of this here.  I seriously LOVE me some bokeh. The dreamy and creamy effect in photographs just is so much fun to me. Ready to learn how to shape your own bokeh?? Let’s go!     I used...
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How to choose a lens

“What is your favorite lens?” I get asked this ALLLL the time, and I love to share because I am IN LOVE with the 85mm lens. Of course, the next question I always receive is, 1.8 or 1.4? It’s so complicated for me to answer this, so I figured I’d put in blog format.  This...
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How to make your subjects stand out from the background

How do you make your subjects stand out so much?  – This is a question that I get ALOT in emails (which I DO enjoy by the way!!).  One of my struggles starting out was figuring out how to achieve this “pop” that I saw in other photographer’s work.   Pssssttt…the secret? Depth of field!!!!...
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How to maximize the use of one location

Finding awesome locations with great light is fantastic. Utilizing the same location to rock an entire session, FREAKING AWESOME!  I challenge you to stop looking for great locations. Look for great light and maximize the ONE spot. Here’s some tips on how to do it.   Shoot different times of day. Morning and Evening light have...
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DIY How to make a banner prop for your photo session

As someone who doesn’t excel as a child photographer, let alone my own children, I attempted to take my son’s 6th Birthday pictures but I didn’t want to invest in any props until I was sure he would cooperate.  I decided that I love all the banner portraits and wanted to give it a whirl....
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Why Are My Pictures so Flat? (The Mystery of Aperture)

This is a question that I struggled with for a LONG time.  I sought out every action, tutorial, etc that I could to make my subjects “pop” out of the frame at me. Nothing worked.  Finally I got out of my own way and just examined pictures of those that I would love to shoot...
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