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The new tax law and your photography business

It’s likely you’ve heard about the new tax legislation – the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – and that it will impact you as a business owner. But do you know how the new tax law and your photography business will interact with each other? Firstly, you need to make sure you understand the type...
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5 Reasons to NOT be a Sole Proprietorship

Many times people start out in the creative field part time or with great uncertainty as to whether they are going to “make it” in business.   For these reasons, many of you may be sitting on a dangerous risk pile of sole proprietorship (SP) formation. Yes, because I will undoubtedly get emails saying there...
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What To Know When Hiring a CPA or Attorney For Your Photography Business

Outsourcing some of the more technical components of your business to another professional such as a certified public accountant or attorney can be daunting for many reasons including cost, trust, and even loss of control. For most small business owners, however, it signifies the growth and success of your business up to this point and...
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Making the most of tax deductions for donated products and services

  As a Photographer, or as part of your Photography business, you may be asked to participate in any of the above by donating goods and services. It may even be part of your marketing or operating plan to give back to your community in some or all of these ways. How do you best...
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Photographer’s Tax Deduction Purchase Guide

As the year end approaches all small business owners should start thinking about tax deductions!   Depending on the business structure and tax liability some income taxes may already have been paid, for others they haven’t paid a dime. This is where your business savings and tax deductions come in! Take a gander at the...
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