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[Update] Paycheck Protection Program for Photographers

The Paycheck Protection Program is a great program under the CARES Act to help small businesses. Here is the most recent update from our recommended CPA – Andrew Jordan. PPP Forgiveness JPCA 6-4-20 from Jordan CPA Services on Vimeo.
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Top 7 Tax and Accounting Tips for your Photography Business

Taxes and accounting can be daunting. But, we’ve got your back! Here are our top 7 tax and accounting tips for your photography business. Disclaimer: Tax laws frequently change. Please check with a CPA before implementing anything that can affect your tax contributions or deductions.  Here are the top 7 articles on tax and accounting...
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How do you pay yourself as the business owner? Learn 4 ways to get paid!

Let’s face it. We may love what we do and relish being business owners, but ultimately it’s about getting paid. Basically, “Show me the money!” right? Well, being a business owner can be a little different from back in the employee days when you didn’t have to think about all of the extra details that...
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The new tax law and your photography business

It’s likely you’ve heard about the new tax legislation – the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – and that it will impact you as a business owner. But do you know how the new tax law and your photography business will interact with each other? Firstly, you need to make sure you understand the type...
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5 Reasons to NOT be a sole proprietorship

Many times people start out in the creative field part time or with great uncertainty as to whether they are going to “make it” in business.  For these reasons, many of you may be sitting on a dangerous risk pile of sole proprietorship (SP) formation. Yes, because I will undoubtedly get emails saying there is...
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What to know when hiring a CPA or attorney for your photography business

Outsourcing some of the more technical components of your business to another professional such as a certified public accountant or attorney can be daunting for many reasons including cost, trust, and even loss of control. For most small business owners, however, it signifies the growth and success of your business up to this point and...
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Making the most of tax deductions for donated products and services

  As a Photographer, or as part of your Photography business, you may be asked to participate in any of the above by donating goods and services. It may even be part of your marketing or operating plan to give back to your community in some or all of these ways. How do you best...
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The Ultimate Tax Deduction Purchase Guide for Photographers

As tax time approaches, all small business owners should be thinking about tax deductions!   Depending on the business structure and tax liability, some income taxes may already have been paid, while others, haven’t paid a dime. This is where your business savings and tax deductions come in! Take a gander at the top tax...
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Tax Tools for Photographers

  This list is a combined list of recommended and used products by TheLawTog® team. If you have any others you recommend, feel free to put them in the comments!     Organizational Tools Having a good organizational system can maximize your deductions, ease your tax anxiety and run your business more smoothly!   Online systems...
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Can I write off my family vacation if I do paid sessions at my vacation destination?

Heading to some fabulous destination and wondering if you can write off your vacation? Watched other photographers travel the globe and wonder if they are writing off these travels? So can you write off your family vacation if you do paid sessions at your vacation destination? The answer is Yes, but…. If you follow the...
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Driving the same car for business and personal use?

Ugh: tax season; never an easy time for freelance photographers. While paying your taxes in full and on time makes you a better citizen, it does not mean you should leave money on the table. Chances are that you do. Freelance photographers often drive their own car both for private and business. Many people know...
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Simplified and Organized Accounting Spreadsheets for Photographers

  Get simplified and organized with this “more than an accounting” spreadsheet for photographers!   These spreadsheets went through a multi-level process between photographers, lawyers and CPAs to get it right!  They also hold the key to viewing your business goals at a glance, as well as budget and expenses. The download comes with 7 main...
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Maximizing Your Money With Photography Tax Deduction Strategies

As some of you may have seen from past emails or on social media – I’ve been on a kick to scratch things off my bucket list.  A few of those are triathlons and marathons.  What are you thinking, Rachel? I concur, friend.   However, I have committed to checking a few of these items...
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Independent Contractors and Your Photography Business Taxes

  Tax season is upon us…yay? Maybe… this is your first year of running your own photography business. this is your first year having used ‘outside help’ for your business. you have been winging it with your taxes before and now that your business is taking off you are more concerned with how tax law...
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Free Download: Tax Deduction Checklist for Photographers

Don’t wait until tax time to get your deductions in line.  These are the very items that will help give you tax benefits and keep money in your pocket, instead of giving to Uncle Sam. TheLawTog has compiled a Tax Deduction Checklist for Photographers that goes over: identifying expenses for deduction types of deductions examples...
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Where is photography sales tax charged?

They say there are two things in life that are certain: death and taxes. While having to pay taxes IS certain, it isn’t always clear how much you owe, to whom, and by when. There is a reason there are people whose profession it is to navigate the tricky tax code! So maybe you are...
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Tax Issues With Bartering Photography Services

Bartering is the trading of one product or service for another. Usually, there is no exchange of cash. Barter may take place on an informal one-on-one basis between individuals and businesses, or it can take place on a third party basis through a modern barter exchange company. In fact, bartering is so common that the...
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5 Quick tips to reducing business costs

Here we are wrapping up the series on avoiding the pricing game!  We’ve gone through how to approach clients and how to control costs through budgeting…now we get into how to physically reduce business costs to keep ourselves competitive and increase our budgets.  The goal with these tips to hone in on a few things that you...
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Avoiding the pricing game in photography

With the lowered barrier to entry in the photography world, the increased numbers of photographers have risen dramatically and the price standards in many markets have dropped just as dramatically. (Not only are prices dramatically falling, but it is causing major drama in the photography industry itself.  So drama filled…just think the Bachelorette meets the...
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3 Accounting tricks for photography businesses (including photography business software tips!)

For small businesses, organizing accounts and keeping track of expenditures, benefits, and income will reduce the amount of stress and frustration owners face during tax season. Even if a company does not yet have the funds to hire an accountant, limiting the complications of filing taxes isn’t impossible. Here are 3 tips for photography accounting to...
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5 Tax audit red flags for photography businesses

To piggyback on my recent post about taxes, let’s look at five things that raises red flags with the IRS about small businesses, including photography!  I consulted my CPA, and these were the main things he said but in no particular order or all inclusive!   Unreported Income Every document you file with state sales...
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