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How to Start a Photography Business (the right way!)

Starting a photography business is exciting, but setting up business is so super important! We need to make sure you’re on the right path!   This high-level check list is great for newer or advanced photography businesses to use as a barometer for making sure you’re on the path to success.     Let’s get...
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Sales is more than pricing. It is about psychology.

  Tired of working overtime and not feeling a return? What about how your sales are being presented? In PriceIT, a portrait photography pricing guide, Rachel walks you through pricing from creating the pricing, choosing a structure that works (including her personal recommendations) and implementing pricing! This educational download is a great springboard for newer...
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Simplified and Organized Accounting Spreadsheets for Photographers

  Get simplified and organized with this “more than an accounting” spreadsheet for photographers!   These spreadsheets went through a multi-level process between photographers, lawyers and CPAs to get it right!  They also hold the key to viewing your business goals at a glance, as well as budget and expenses. The download comes with 7 main...
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Present Commercial Photography Quotes Professionally

When seeking Commercial Photography jobs such as headshots, environmental marketing images, or product shots, the proposal of your pricing and details should be outside of plain old text.   Commercial licenses are often quite a bit more of an expensive investment than standard portraiture, for this reason (and others) they demand a white-glove approach.  Check...
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How To Price For Commercial Photography

Unlike personal portrait, or retail photography, commercial photography should be approached differently.  Figuring up what to charge and quote for a commercial job can be stressful and overwhelming.   This article is to guide the process for the best quote possible. Keep in mind while going through the steps that each job, market and factors...
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