What if I am not vaccinated as a photographer?

What if I am an unvaccinated photographer? Do I have to declare my vaccination status to clients? You may have heard about a recent news story featuring a photographer who brought their allegedly unvaccinated toddler to a newborn shoot. It sparked conversations and arguments both within the photography community and among parents and those on...
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How having children ruined my business dreams

I remember the day that I realized my children had ruined my business dreams. Shattered. Torn. Nothing like I had envisioned.   I was sitting at my desk during law school, trying to run a photography business, be a mom, be a wife, and just survive the day.  I remember thinking “This is absolutely nothing...
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Entrepreneurship Finalist in the Elevate by Fairfield Program

I am so excited to announce that I am a finalist in the Elevate by Fairfield Inn & Suites Program!  You can read about the program here. In the next few months I will be announcing events to happen in the Washington DC/ Baltimore MD area that will be hosted at a Fairfield property.  I...
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What is Rachel up to now?

  Hey y’all! Here is a listing of upcoming events! While I try to send this out via newsletter sometimes it is missed! So here you go!  Also, I’m starting “Rock Your Biz” seminars that are roundtable discussions about business, marketing, pricing, etc. These are ask-all and tell-all experiences.   I hope to see you...
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