What if I am not vaccinated as a photographer?

What if I am an unvaccinated photographer? Do I have to declare my vaccination status to clients? You may have heard about a recent news story featuring a photographer who brought their allegedly unvaccinated toddler to a newborn shoot. It sparked conversations and arguments both within the photography community and among parents and those on...
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How having children ruined my business dreams

I remember the day that I realized my children had ruined my business dreams. Shattered. Torn. Nothing like I had envisioned.   I was sitting at my desk during law school, trying to run a photography business, be a mom, be a wife, and just survive the day.  I remember thinking “This is absolutely nothing...
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How outsourcing can benefit your photography business

You might have heard of outsourcing, but you’re not really sure how to implement outsourcing in your business or how outsourcing can benefit your photography business. If you’re like a lot of photographers I know, your 2019 goals probably look something like this: 1. Increase sales 2. Increase bookings 3. Convert from digital sales to...
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How to learn and progress from your past work

Want to take another journey with me? It has been a year since I sat down, looked hard, and blogged about my path.  These blog posts are mostly for accountability for myself.  If they encourage just one of you, then the embarrassment of sharing the awful before pictures is so worth it. If no one...
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Happy 4th of July !

  Happy 4th of July! Prayers to all our military service members home, overseas and those that have given the ultimate sacrifice. ♥  
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Spotted on the Web: Get to know more about Rachel Brenke!

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Nikki Sue Photography (who is an AH-MAZING San Antonio, TX Photographer)!     If you want to know more about me check it out here!  
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Spotted On the Web |Rachel Brenke Photography

Say what???  Yes that’s pretty much went through my mind when I opened the email.  I’m so humbled to be interviewed as a Celebrity Photographer over at Rock My Photography. Check out my interview here.     Funny story…I texted my husband about their request for this interview and he goes “which celebrity?”  If he...
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I’m just happy to be alive…

I’m just happy to be alive and well.  I’m just happy to be my kids mom still.  I’m just happy to be here writing this.  This month marks my fifth cancer remission anniversary so I guess I can finally say “I’m CURED!” In 2005, while pregnant with my first son, I found a lump in...
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Never give up: encouragement to keep growing

Nothing hard hitting…just  wanted to offer some encouragement! We all start somewhere. We are never where we want to be. The most important thing is recognizing what you have learned, what you can do to help others grow, and what you’re gonna do to get better. Here’s a picture I’ve shared a few times but...
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How to turn obstacles into springboards

Within the last two weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to travel around the country and soak in knowledge of many of the greats in this industry.  From marketing to shooting to business.  I’ve learned so much knowledge that I could just vomit it all over the screen for ya’ll to read.  Instead, the one moment...
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I am not the Walmart of photographers

I wrote a blog post that was spurred out of frustration for the industry, hurtfulness of a strangers comment, and my desire to attempt to inspire others.  I received GREAT feedback, but I also received backlash from it. In fact, one of the great features of my blog allows me to see where my traffic...
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7 tips to help you balance business and family

One of the questions I am most often asked is “how do you do it?”  Meaning…how do you balance business and family? It’s so easy to get sucked into the endless hours of social media, shooting, equipment hunting, prop shopping, and record keeping….and then you realize you’ve lost sight of why you started a home-based...
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We all start somewhere in this photography journey – watch Rachel Brenke’s transformation

With my anniversary of being in business (for round #2) coming up, I have been reflecting on where I was and where I am.  Not to mention where I want to be!!!!  I started out my business known as Patriotic Hearts Photography due to my love for the military.  Now Patriotic Hearts is my internal...
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