Understanding Model Releases: What They Are and Why You Need to Use Them

Running a photography business can be complex. Why would you need a model release? I mean, after all, you own the copyright to the images, that means you can do whatever you want, right? No, actually it is unlikely you have completely free rein. Let me ask you some questions: Do you use images of...
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5 Tips to end the year on top of your game

We are all about finishing the year strong and rolling into the new year – so we wanted to share some high impact tools and tips to end the year on top of your game. We love to break it down for you so that you can take action and make a difference in growing...
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4 tips to make albums a viable part of your business

When it comes to designing an album, you need to get the basics right. Like most things, it’s all about prep. If you get the foundations right, the design process will flow.   Tip 1:  Know your album company There are many album companies out there and each one has specific specifications and settings for...
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What to do when a client enters your professional photo in a contest or submits to a magazine or newspaper

Sometimes, you have a client who is so excited and proud of the work you have created capturing them, their family, or their life, that they submit your images to a contest or to a magazine or newspaper for publication. They may not have ill intent, but nevertheless, you open a publication only to find...
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Top 6 tips for marketing your photography business

The goal of marketing your photography business is to attract more quality clients. So how can you do this? Better yet, how can you do this without spending money you don’t have and working more hours than there are in a day? We’ve got you covered. A crash course in marketing your photography business, √....
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What happens to the commercial license of my images if that business is sold?

A situation that is more common than you might expect occurs when a business is bought or sold. A question that arises in this situation is as follows: If I license commercial use of my photographs to a business & the business is sold, is that commercial use license part of the business sale? Businesses...
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How Does GDPR Affect How You Handle Client Photos?

Following our earlier articles addressing GDPR for Photographers based outside of the EU (and particularly in the USA), we received a number of questions asking what GDPR means for the storage of photographs. If you don’t know what GDPR is or you have questions how this law even applies to you because you are in...
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How to build business affiliations for your photography business

Have you ever noticed when you’re out in public that crowds tend to gather?  Traffic backs up for no reason in certain spots? This is because humans are creatures who naturally want and gravitate towards companionship. To be around the group and others – even if subconsciously. If you look around the world you’ll see natural pairings and companionships in...
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Quick Legal Checklist: How to start a photography business- the right way!

Starting a photography business is exciting, but setting up business is so super important! We need to make sure you’re on the right path!   This high-level checklist is great EVERYONE.  The hobbyist considering going legal The newbie wanting a guide The advanced photographer running their yearly audit These are the steps you need to...
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Email opt-in laws for newsletters: Legal Requirements and Risks

Build your list, they say! But what are the the risks and email opt-in laws for newsletters? Sending emails to your clients and prospects is only one way to do business of course — but, does that mean you can send emails to anyone you like? Short answer: it depends on where the recipients are...
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Legalities of using quotations from published works that are in the public domain

Oh, you really want to use that cute quote to accompany one of your photographs? Or you’re looking to create a product for your studio or your e-commerce store? But can you just use any quote you like? Is it okay if you make sure you attribute the quote to the person who said it...
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If your website doesn’t do this, you’re probably losing visitors

This article is from one of our affiliates, Jenika McDavitt, from Psychology for Photographers.    Let’s talk about cookies for a second. I’ve been on a quest for the perfect sugar cookie recipe for years now.  Recipes that differ only slightly can produce dramatically different results, so knowing which recipe to try next out of...
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Relocating Your Photography Business

Ahh relocation – it’s so stressful, exciting, stressful, new, stressful….if you can’t’s stressful! I have done it twice since May and I anticipate doing it again here this next May due to military moves.  There’s no tried and true way to successfully moving your business except to be committed to making it work and...
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You don’t have to do this.

I get to do this. I get to run in 10-degree weather. I get to deal with business taxes. You’re probably thinking I’ve had one too many craft beers with that last sentence, huh? Well this past week we got some snow, like a lot of the Eastern seaboard and Midwest received.  Well, if you’ve...
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Photography Marketing Is Much Like Holiday Traffic

  Holiday traffic is a bummer. Especially when you live in large metro areas with lots of cars.    Living on the 95 corridor is an experience – to say the least.  You have to gauge even your trip the mall based on rush hour traffic, but when holiday/summer traffic comes along – watch out. You...
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10 Tips To A Kicking Facebook Ad

Facebook ads are a fantastic way to generate new leads and book clients.  However, you can waste a lot of money if your Facebook advertisement is confusing, cramming of info, and lacking critical elements.   Here is a good checklist to use that will promote buyer confidence and display professionalism for your photography business.  ...
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Mow Your Lawn At the Right Time – A Critical Marketing Tip for Photographers

Mowing your lawn (read: marketing your business) is more than having the right equipment, it is also about timing, nurturing and engaging. If you recall the story about my neighbor who insists on mowing a dead lawn – and obviously the lawn isn’t going to come back green unless he changes his approach, including the...
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5 Keys to marketing your photography business (easily and effectively)

Marketing is not just getting clients to your door.  It is the entire experience from the sales copy output, to the communication with an inquiry, all the way through requesting clients to refer you to their friends.  Getting your arms around key aspects to marketing can help make the entire process a little less daunting...
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Marketing tips for photographers

Today is boss’s day.  And well since I’m the boss…I rearranged my schedule this morning to take my little one on his preschool field trip.  We played hard, got tired, and he gripped my hand with less force than when we were coming in.  Hand in hand we crossed the parking lot. But before I...
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Free Download: 50 Free Marketing Ideas

 Marketing is one of the most difficult aspects of running a photography business because you have to keep doing it.  It never ends.  While the marketing never ends, it may feel like your ideas do. Here is where I want to help! Stuck on ideas for marketing your photography business? Lucky for you I sat...
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Present Commercial Photography Quotes Professionally

When seeking Commercial Photography jobs such as headshots, environmental marketing images, or product shots, the proposal of your pricing and details should be outside of plain old text.   Commercial licenses are often quite a bit more of an expensive investment than standard portraiture, for this reason (and others) they demand a white-glove approach.  Check...
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