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Getting Ready for 2013: Reviewing Your 2012

2012 is just about over folks.   Did it stink? Did it rock? Was it just ok? It’s time to start thinking about tax deductions (See: A Photog’s Guide to Tax Deductions), organizing for 2013 and getting your butt in gear.   Reviewing 2012 will help one identify where the good, the bad and the...
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The Top Must-Have Steps to Put into Your Photography Client Workflow

Stop!  Don’t run away from the word “workflow”.  Especially a photography client workflow. Roll with me here. Organization is so incredibly important to balancing business and life.   Have a set client workflow will aid in efficiency, customer service and profitability.  You should be working, not your clients. You should be on top of things,...
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Making Your Business More Efficient by Going Paperless

As a mother of five running multiple businesses, I have been forced to find efficiency measures (such as quicker blogging, providing tools for clients to talk about me , getting my shots as close as possible in camera, and working on the go ).  Another great time and money saver was to go paperless.  Here are the major...
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5 Tips for Getting Your Butt in Gear for End of the Year! | Organizational Tips for Photogs

As the end of the year quickly approaches I know that many are still in the busy season that photographers face every year.  This does not mean that you can’t stay on top of organization to ease your way into the holidays.  The last thing any photographer wants to be doing is winding up their...
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How to Use a ExpoDisc – Tutorial

One of my favorite tools that I am forever raving about is the ExpoDisc to set custom white balance. I LOVE it.  Here’s a little bit about it then there’s a video with my review and steps on how to use it at the bottom. (Pssst.. there’s also a giveaway at the bottom). I love...
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