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Balancing Work, Family & Photography – My Creative Live Course

  Last year I had the amazing opportunity to go on CreativeLIVE Spotlight in Vegas to audition for a full course.   I was honored enough to be voted as the ” fan favorite” and after a rollercoaster year of moves and new baby – my course is here!   . Join me April 10th...
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When will I feel like I have achieved ‘success’?

I often hear “If I could just get my pricing under control I could be successful” Or “If I could just get some more clients in the door I could be successful” and it always makes me pause and think:  What does it mean to achieve “success”?   What I believe is wrong approach:  Just...
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How outsourcing can benefit your photography business

  If you’re like a lot of photographers I know, your 2014 goals probably look something like this: 1. Increase sales 2. Increase bookings 3. Convert from digital sales to in-person sales 4. Spend more time with friends and family and stop working 3,000 hours/week These are awesome goals. But have you thought about exactly...
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Accounting Spreadsheet Tutorial & Tips | Accounting Spreadsheet for Photographers

  Organizational Accounting Spreadsheets <~~~Saves sooo much time 7 spreadsheets: Inquiry Sheet, Client Data, Receipts, Client Product Amount, Monthly Income, Cashflow, Income Tax Fully editable excel file All formulas preset to calculate for you Keeps track of state sales tax, federal income tax and state sales tax! Categories pre-loaded to keep track of receipts and...
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How the iPad can change your biz! | Photography Tips

We have all heard about all of the amazing things the iPad can do for you and your business. If you are anything like me, you nod your head and question whether or not it is really worth the investment. As a new business, I didn’t really have the extra funds to risk and held...
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