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As Seen: The Photo Opp Podcast + Rachel Brenke – Ensuring Stability in Your Photography Business

Megan Breukelman recently invited Rachel on her podcast, The Photo Opp Podcast. They talked about issues photographers face in their businesses and especially are facing now amid the COVID-19 crisis.   “The number one problem in legal issues that photographers face is lack of communication or miscommunication with clients.” Rachel Brenke   Key points to...
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5 Tips to end the year on top of your game

We are all about finishing the year strong and rolling into the new year – so we wanted to share some high impact tools and tips to end the year on top of your game. We love to break it down for you so that you can take action and make a difference in growing...
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7 Ways photographers can utilize online forms for efficiency

If you’re like most photographers, you’ve long ago figured out that the best part of being a professional isn’t trying to find new clients or manage requests; it’s taking pictures. But still, you can’t be a successful photographer without dirtying your hands with the everyday operational aspects of running a business. So consider an online...
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Create a custom album in under 5 minutes

Don’t believe me? Check out this video of me using the AlbumStomp software to create a custom album for a client under five minutes.  The only reason the video was slower was to show and talk through all the functions!   See more info on AlbumpStomp
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3 Productivity hacks for photographers (video)

Hey! I wanted to give you just three quick productivity hacks you can use this week and implement into your schedule. You can get more in a less amount of time or same amount of time I mean overall we only have 24 hours so let’s hang tight and check them out. So we all...
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Conquer Your Photography Business

Whether it is the beginning of the year or the middle – you can conquer what you need done.  The best day to start? Today. Every day.   I struggled to find planners and pages that would help me focus on the goals and direction instead of mindlessly entering actions into calendar dates without any...
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Review: On The Spot Studio 2015 Planner

This review is on On The Spot Studio (same gal who did my logo!) 2015 planner.  She provided this planner for review.    The Deets This is for the new 2015 Plans & Schemes Ideas & Dreams Planner created by myself and the amazing Kellie Montana of Me & My Canvas/ The Art of Kellie Montana !...
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When will I feel like I have achieved “success”?

I often hear, “if I could just get my pricing under control, I could be successful” or “if I could just get some more clients in the door, I could be successful” and it always makes me pause and think:  What does it mean to achieve “success”?   What I believe is wrong approach: Just...
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How outsourcing can benefit your photography business

You might have heard of outsourcing, but you’re not really sure how to implement outsourcing in your business or how outsourcing can benefit your photography business. If you’re like a lot of photographers I know, your 2019 goals probably look something like this: 1. Increase sales 2. Increase bookings 3. Convert from digital sales to...
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Top best FREE resources for photographers

We’ve talked a bit about how to avoid the pricing game and controlling business costs but how else can you stay competitive without losing your profit margin?  Easy!  Seek out some of the best resources available to you free of charge!  Now…I am a big advocate of normally you get what you pay for.  For...
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How to do an end-of-year review and get ready for the next year

The year is just about over folks. Did it stink? Did it rock? Was it just ok? It’s time to start thinking about tax deductions (See: The Ultimate Tax Deduction Purchase Guide for Photographers), organizing for the next year, and getting your butt in gear.  Reviewing the previous year will help one identify where the...
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The top must-have steps to put into your photography client workflow

Stop!  Don’t run away from the word “workflow”.  Especially a photography client workflow. Roll with me here. Organization is so incredibly important to balancing business and life. Having a set client workflow will aid in efficiency, customer service, and profitability.  You should be working, not your clients. You should be on top of things, not them....
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Making your business more efficient by going paperless

As a mother of five running multiple businesses, I have been forced to find efficiency measures (such as quicker blogging, providing tools for clients to talk about me, getting my shots as close as possible in camera, and working on the go).  Another great time and money saver was to go paperless. Here are the major tips that...
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5 Tips for getting your butt in gear for end of the year: Organizational tips for photogs

As the end of the year quickly approaches, I know that many are still in the busy season that photographers face every year.  This does not mean that you can’t stay on top of organization to ease your way into the holidays.  The last thing any photographer wants to be doing is winding up their...
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How to use an ExpoDisc to set a custom white balance

One of my favorite tools that I am forever raving about is the ExpoDisc to set custom white balance. I LOVE it.  Here’s a little bit about it. I love the expodisc because it simply doesn’t compare to white balance caps or grey cards. It works as an incident light meter to read light as...
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BlogStomp: A quick and efficient way to post your blogs

I LOVE love LOVE love LOVE BlogStomp. Did I say I love blogstomp? I do! I LOVE Blogstomp. Here’s my video tutorial on how to use it and how EASY it is!  This helps me to quickly make my pictures into storyboards, resizes, watermarks, and gets them ready for blog upload like *snap*. Video #1: Tutorial...
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5 ways to get the most out of your marketing

You’ve got the website, the fancy logo and a solid portfolio but you’re hearing crickets. You know you need to market but your budget is limited. While you’re marketing on a budget make sure you’re maximizing the investment, big or little.  Marketing is like a big boulder. It’s hard to get it going (or know...
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