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5 Ways to beat burn out during the busy season

As our photography business has grown, the busy season brings burn out even more quickly than before. Over the past year, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about ways to reduce stress and become more efficient. It’s made a HUGE difference to our business and is some of the best time and money I’ve...
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BlogStomp: A quick and efficient way to post your blogs

I LOVE love LOVE love LOVE BlogStomp. Did I say I love blogstomp? I do! I LOVE Blogstomp. Here’s my video tutorial on how to use it and how EASY it is!  This helps me to quickly make my pictures into storyboards, resizes, watermarks, and gets them ready for blog upload like *snap*. Video #1: Tutorial...
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Stop messing up my art! That’s violating copyright! | Legal tips for photographers

Stand by our copyright laws. We hear about it happening. A lot. This week alone I found photos of mine on some random site that allowed people to download full-resolution files, forum posts about how big box store employees are being requested to not ask customers for a print release, and clients print-screen copying photographs...
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Stop bothering me! What to do if you are being defamed or harassed

OH MY GOODNESS!! Person X is talking bad about me.   Person X won’t stop harassing me! Person X keeps tagging my page and saying mean things!   Person X keeps spamming my business page! WHAT CAN I DO? Figuring out your legal rights as a photographer against clients, photographers and vendors can be tricky...
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Why should I get a model release form?

There’s so much to think about legally when running a photography business.  Getting legit, forms needed, copyright vs model release.  Right of privacy is a big legal issue and should be adhered to and understood as much as possible by business owners, especially photographers. Understand a model release form, educate yourself and your client.  You’ll...
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Requesting permission to shoot on private property

Once you know your rights as a photographer, where you can and where you can’t shoot, you are pretty much almost there!  Keep in mind you can shoot on public property unless there are certain permits required – always do a quick google search for your predetermined location – some places are instituting a photography...
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Public places, private places, photography, oh my! Legal tips for photographers

So you have a contract.  You have a model release. Now to figure out where to shoot, what your legal rights are, and to get a property use agreement! Public places have become overcrowded by photographers as many private locations require fees or obtaining special permission.  Below outlines where you can shoot without permission, tips for...
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Why sharing photography contracts is a BAD idea for your business!

In life, there are some areas where it is OK to buy bargain bin products and other areas in which you should not. The legal aspect of your business is definitely an area where you don’t need to take any financial shortcuts. I understand it’s fun going out and buying new gear; it’s not fun...
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How to make a watermark brush in Photoshop (video)

Embedding copyright is only ONE of the many methods to protecting your art.   For more posts on copyright law check them out here! Obviously, this is not a full-proof way to safeguard but every bit helps.  Is this going to stop people from screen shots or removing the watermark? No, but it can work as ONE of...
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Design Your Space: Photographer’s guide to designing your home

You have a compilation of photos and/or art pieces you would like to use in your home… what to do? Scared of actually putting them on the wall? How do you plan so it doesn’t look like a blind monkey threw them up on your wall? Gather your favorite photos and anything you love. I’m of...
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How to make print sales the easiest way possible!

When determining your pricing there is so much more to look at than the print cost of the file. So much more than blindly copying and pasting your competitors pricing. (DANGER in that, how do you know it’s really working for them? Have you seen their books?) Pricing and money are kinda like dirty laundry....
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Should I sell digital files? Embrace the digital age or not?

A question I am frequently asked is “Does it bother you that clients only want digital files?”  My answer: No.   As a photographer and business owner it is imperative that we are in tune with what our market wants.  Notice I didn’t say ‘what our market demands’.  The client’s desires shouldn’t demand your business....
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How to learn and progress from your past work

Want to take another journey with me? It has been a year since I sat down, looked hard, and blogged about my path.  These blog posts are mostly for accountability for myself.  If they encourage just one of you, then the embarrassment of sharing the awful before pictures is so worth it. If no one...
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5 Ways to turn inquiries into clients

Getting potential clients to inquire is half the battle.  The other half is turning them into clients, whether immediately or down the road. Your goal for client inquiries is (and should be) about obtaining client information and using that information to convert these inquiries into booking clients.   I visualize this as though they are...
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