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How to make print sales the easiest way possible!

When determining your pricing there is so much more to look at than the print cost of the file. So much more than blindly copying and pasting your competitors pricing. (DANGER in that, how do you know it’s really working for them? Have you seen their books?) Pricing and money are kinda like dirty laundry....
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Should I sell digital files? Embrace the digital age or not?

A question I am frequently asked is “Does it bother you that clients only want digital files?”  My answer: No.   As a photographer and business owner it is imperative that we are in tune with what our market wants.  Notice I didn’t say ‘what our market demands’.  The client’s desires shouldn’t demand your business....
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How to learn and progress from your past work

Want to take another journey with me? It has been a year since I sat down, looked hard, and blogged about my path.  These blog posts are mostly for accountability for myself.  If they encourage just one of you, then the embarrassment of sharing the awful before pictures is so worth it. If no one...
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5 Ways to turn inquiries into clients

Getting potential clients to inquire is half the battle.  The other half is turning them into clients, whether immediately or down the road. Your goal for client inquiries is (and should be) about obtaining client information and using that information to convert these inquiries into booking clients.   I visualize this as though they are...
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