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Why photographers should require a “Deposit” Or “Retainer” & which word to use

It is best practice as a photographer to clearly establish your deposit/retainer policy within the terms and conditions of your contract. In fact, a deposit/retainer policy is an essential contract policy for a successful photography business.  Before we talk about the terms “deposit” and “retainer”, let’s first talk about why you should be requiring an...
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How using photography contract templates can save you money

Using photography contract templates can save you time and money. Starting up any business is a costly endeavor; this is especially true in the photography industry. Startup costs can be astronomical due to having to secure the correct equipment and ensuring it is of professional quality. Also, a startup has a lot of moving parts which have to...
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Quick Legal Checklist: How to start a photography business- the right way!

Starting a photography business is exciting, but setting up business is so super important! We need to make sure you’re on the right path!   This high-level checklist is great EVERYONE.  The hobbyist considering going legal The newbie wanting a guide The advanced photographer running their yearly audit These are the steps you need to...
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Top 10 reasons to have a photography contract

So you’ve set up a photography business, but now what? Facebook page? Maybe. Twitter handle? Could happen. But most important, besides skill and dedication are the contracts that will safeguard your business.     Here are the top ten reasons to have a photography contract in place.     1. Outlines client expectations Clients do not...
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Can I charge my client for not signing a model release?

Engaging a client for a photography session is awesome as you’re able to execute your skills, create some art, provide images and make some money in the process.   However, something else comes out of sessions that is arguably as important as the money made from the transaction: the use of images for marketing and...
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Tax Tools for Photographers

  This list is a combined list of recommended and used products by TheLawTog® team. If you have any others you recommend, feel free to put them in the comments!     Organizational Tools Having a good organizational system can maximize your deductions, ease your tax anxiety and run your business more smoothly!   Online systems...
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Email Opt-in laws for Canada, European Union countries, and Australia

We’ve written previously about the rules that apply in the USA. This article will explore the email opt-in laws for email recipients located in Canada, European Union countries, and Australia. There are obviously many more countries in the world where you might do business.   CANADA The applicable legislation in Canada is Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation...
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Copyright Considerations for UK Members. How to Register Copyright in the UK.

Under UK copyright law, “copyright” means the “sole right to produce or reproduce the work.” It includes the sole right to do the following, or to authorize others to do the following, with works you hold copyright in: copying your work distributing copies of it, whether free of charge or for sale renting or lending...
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How to Register Copyright in Canada

Canadian photographers are just as concerned as photographers of any other country about how to protect their copyright. This article will discuss copyright considerations for Canadian photographers and specifically why you might formally register your copyright in an image under Canadian law. Copyright under Canadian law is detailed in the Copyright Act (R.S.C., 1985, c....
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Legalities of using quotations from published works that are in the public domain

Oh, you really want to use that cute quote to accompany one of your photographs? Or you’re looking to create a product for your studio or your e-commerce store? But can you just use any quote you like? Is it okay if you make sure you attribute the quote to the person who said it...
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5 Things Small Biz Owners Can Learn From Hurricane Harvey

The devastation that Hurricane Harvey has left on south Texas has not gone unnoticed in the eyes and hearts of everyone.   Along with the fires on the west coast, and now Irma hitting Florida. It particularly has hurt small business owners, many of whom no longer have their business.  In the blink of an...
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Australian Copyright Considerations for Photographers

Copyright law in Australia has some different features from US, UK and Canadian copyright law. Copyright in Australia is covered by the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth).   Firstly, there is no requirement for registration, nor does a copyright notice needed to be attached to an image. While the general rule in Australia is that the...
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Work Does Not Make You Free

New York City recently made steps to ensure that the City That Never Sleeps won’t also be known as the City That Cheats Freelancers Out of Their Hard-Earned Money when it passed the Freelance Isn’t Free Act in May 2017. This first-of-its-kind Act makes some big changes in how freelancers are supposed to work, so...
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Best Business Practices from Start to Finish with Iris Works

Starting and running a photography business will always be challenging. But having a strong foundation of smoothly operating practices for yourself can make it much easier. By having a standard set for every aspect of your business – from getting clients to keeping them – you’ll be setting yourself up for growth and success.  ...
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Can I play music during a photo shoot?

Whether inside or outside, sometimes you just want to help your clients relax and allow their personalities to shine. One way some photographers do this is to play some music before or during the photoshoot. It makes sense, music has a wonderful ability to evoke positive emotions and to encourage people to drop some of...
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What do you do when a client asks you to edit photos from another photographer?

For many photographers the knee jerk answer to a client asking you to edit photographs taken by another photographer is no, or no way. But, no might not always need be your answer. Now, just hang with us for a couple of minutes while I explain.  Let’s talk first about the questions you need to...
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Legalities of birth and maternity photography with surrogates and adoptive parents

Navigating the relationships of clients can be one of the most challenging parts of a photographer’s work. If you are a birth, newborn, or maternity photographer, working with surrogates, first families and adoptive parents, you may have some additional opportunities to develop sound policies and ensure you are covering yourself legally.   Let’s start with...
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Photography Business Decisions and Human Rights

The oft-repeated standard that business owners are able to refuse service to anyone for any reason is not as clear cut as many photographers might desire. Social, political, and personal values can complicate your business relationships, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t important. The key questions are: When does impingement on your rights or even...
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Review: FotoStrap

This review is on Fotostrap’s personalized camera strap.  This is not a paid advertisement, however, they did send me the strap to test out.  My review is fully honest and is not swayed by the receipt of this item, as you’ll see below.     From the product description section on the FotoStrap website:  Vintage...
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Are you killing it in your photography business?

It’s such a bummer to see so many photographers killing it with camera skills, but then (bad) killing it with lack of business skills.  They are bad-killing it by falling into this “it’ll never happen to me” mentality. This sentiment is shared almost daily in our online community and through legal inquiries.  There is this...
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Should you sign your contract before sending to a client for their signature?

Let’s cut to the chase on the question of whether you should sign your contract BEFORE sending to a client for their signature? Legally it does not matter who signs the contract first as long as both parties agree to it. Practically speaking, it might be better to sign second. One reason for why it...
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