Email Opt-in laws for Canada, European Union countries, and Australia

We’ve written previously about the rules that apply in the USA. This article will explore the email opt-in laws for email recipients located in Canada, European Union countries, and Australia. There are obviously many more countries in the world where you might do business.   CANADA The applicable legislation in Canada is Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation...
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Announcing: Australian Photography Contracts and Legal Consultant

TheLawTog -the legal resource for photographers- has primarily been focused and based on United States of America law..until now! We are pleased to introduce Anna Blanch Rabe as our International Photography Contracts and Legal Consultant.  Anna has expertise and knowledge for a variety of country’s laws.  Originally an Australian attorney, she now has expansive insight...
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Australian Copyright Considerations for Photographers

Copyright law in Australia has some different features from US, UK and Canadian copyright law. Copyright in Australia is covered by the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth).   Firstly, there is no requirement for registration, nor does a copyright notice needed to be attached to an image. While the general rule in Australia is that the...
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