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Why you need a value proposition statement & how to create one

One of the most common questions seen across photography groups is “how do I get clients”? Most are looking for a quick and magical solution but the truth is, if there were a quick and magical solution, everyone would be doing it. When I get asked this question, I always say the simplest answer is...
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5 tips for calming upset clients (& preventing anger altogether)

— Article by Jenika McDavitt – Psychology for Photographers You open your inbox one day, brightly expecting to take care of business – and your stomach drops. Your pulse rises. There’s an email from a client – and they’re mad. Your face flushes, you feel defensive, what they’re saying isn’t really your fault – and you...
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It’s time to stop trying to force your life to fit into “The Perfect Business”

Consider yourself officially invited to forget those meticulous sales rooms, designed to Pinterest-perfection. To stop worrying if your newest sample has been spit-shined and dusted to Guggenheim specifications. Heck… you don’t even need to wear pants for this… It’s time to stop trying to force your life to fit into “The Perfect Business” and, instead,...
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5 tips to streamline your photography business

When we created Iris Works, our goal was to create efficiencies and eliminate anxiety. So we know a thing or two about ways to help you have a happier and more successful business. Here are five of our favorite ways to dial in today!   Simplify your booking process. Iris Works + Booking is the...
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Lead generation is NOT a dirty word

Lead generation is sometimes thought of as a dirty word. The two words are very formal, and formal isn’t necessarily the way to think about generating leads.  The same can be said for lead acquisition. That’s why in this article we are going to be discussing lead generation from a modern thought process. One that...
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