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Pricing Mini-Course for Photographers

$99 (Saving $100)

Tired of going into your client sessions and unsure what you’re going to make? Or are you maybe scared/unsure of in person sales?

That is okay. Sales, in the traditional sense, is not for everyone. You can circumvent this process in a more efficient and customer-serving method through pricing appropriately and working with client psychology for sales.

As a mom of five with also a working husband – it can be extremely difficult to find the time or coverage to meet with clients in person. Maybe you’re in the same predicament, or just don’t like sales. That is okay.

This on-demand mini-course will go over these topics in a way you can get this adopted immediately:

  • examining your costs
  • cutting costs
  • identifying volume, range and desired profit
  • client reservation fees (deposit, retainer, etc.)
  • creating collections
  •  a la cart menu items
  • getting paid resources (programs)
  • planning for the future
  • and more!

The entire goal is so that you enter into a session with client with your minimum amount guaranteed (note: it’s not actually what you may think!) and how to work with psychology so they choose to make more without your need to push sales.


  • Immediately on-demand with 24/7 video access
  • Videos and transcripts
  • Resources
  • Bonuses
  • Exclusive TLT Business Community for students only

Note: This mini-course is an excerpt of the large BizRevamp course – there may be other lessons referenced that are not available- however, this will not impact your knowledge or quality of education.

$199 ($891 savings*)

This is the essential kit for anyone wanting to enforce their legal rights in their work.

This bundle includes the following: 

2 Demand Letters: these letters are sent to the company or individual who infringes on your images; provides notice and seeks the compensation for the infringing use of your images.  Includes two versions:  one for registered images, one for unregistered images.

Settlement agreement template: this document outlines the official agreement between the photographer/creator and the infringing party related to the infringement.

1 DMCA/Takedown Notice:  notice to be sent to the internet service provider to have infringing material removed


Written specifically on United States Law.

*This savings is calculated based on a $350 hourly drafting rate. Estimations may vary by jurisdiction.  These document should not substitute for an attorney.

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