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Business Strategy Planning Kit for Photographers

Are you nervous about not succeeding?

Guess what … the majority of the time, failure is due to planning(or lack thereof).

Planning is overwhelming, scary and just downright cumbersome. But once you have it in order – you can make big things happen.

Whether you’re trying to use your photography business to earn a little extra cash, or support a family – Plan It is the business strategy planning toolkit for photographers.

  • Figuring out what type of planner you are
  • What your desired niche is
  • Tasks and Objectives
  • What your vision is
  • Financial Goals
  • Planning and troubleshooting
  • Marketing
  • Bonus: Business Plan
$199 ($891 savings*)

This is the essential kit for anyone wanting to enforce their legal rights in their work.

This bundle includes the following: 

2 Demand Letters: these letters are sent to the company or individual who infringes on your images; provides notice and seeks the compensation for the infringing use of your images.  Includes two versions:  one for registered images, one for unregistered images.

Settlement agreement template: this document outlines the official agreement between the photographer/creator and the infringing party related to the infringement.

1 DMCA/Takedown Notice:  notice to be sent to the internet service provider to have infringing material removed


Written specifically on United States Law.

*This savings is calculated based on a $350 hourly drafting rate. Estimations may vary by jurisdiction.  These document should not substitute for an attorney.

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