Snag these novelty books and add to your Christmas book collection to enjoy for years to come.

Rachel Brenke began writing books for other moms trying to succeed.

These books were a preview into Rachel’s life as a mother and photographer.

Dive into the joys of Christmas & photography with these beautifully illustrated and written books by Rachel Brenke.  

Photographer's Night Before Christmas

A Photographer’s Night Before Christmas is a hand-illustrated book to capture the spirit of Christmas within the love for the art of photography.

The story follows a family who is seeking to find the spirit of Christmas through photography.  With hand-drawn illustrations – it’s a great addition to your library!

Sugar Snaps

Many of us are business owners because we are mothers.
We do it to be there and provide for our kids. We are role models. They want to be like us.

So here is a gift for your little ones, the reason we work so hard.
With hand-drawn illustrations, this twenty-four page book tells of a young girl wanting to be like her photographer mom. 

Sugar goes through the story modeling after mom and, in the end, mom gifts her with a wooden camera to have a “real” camera to play with.