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Copyright vs. print release- A comparison of photo release forms
As the photography industry moves into the digital age with the rest of the world, confusion follows. Particularly over the use of Copyright vs. Print Photo Release forms to accompany digital files. This article is for Photographers and Clients alike to help preserve the rights of both parties and the value of the photography industry.  So enough of that — let’s figure out the difference between the two and why...
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We all start somewhere in this photography journey
With my anniversary of being in business (for round #2) coming up, I have been reflecting on where I was and where I am.  Not to mention where I want to be!!!!  I started out my business known as Patriotic Hearts Photography due to my love for the military.  Now Patriotic Hearts is my internal program of giving back under Rachel Brenke Photography. After floundering for marketing and business DESPITE having...
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As someone who doesn’t excel as a child photographer, let alone my own children, I attempted to take my son’s 6th Birthday pictures but I didn’t want to invest in any props until I was sure he would cooperate.  I decided that I love all the banner portraits and wanted to give it a whirl. Here’s a DIY on how to make it in 5 minutes     Supplies: –...
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Regrets are okay as long as you learn from them
    I don’t have many regrets in my life, but this picture symbolizes one of my biggest personal regrets.   A decision I made that has impacted my entire family’s lives.   Personally and professionally, you should never have any regrets, but as long as you learn from it that is really all that matters. Do you want your photography business to be successful? Go for it. Do you...
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Why are my pictures so flat? (The Mystery of Aperture)
This is a question that I struggled with for a LONG time.  I sought out every action, tutorial, etc that I could to make my subjects “pop” out of the frame at me. Nothing worked.  Finally I got out of my own way and just examined pictures of those that I would love to shoot like. Then all of a sudden one day it hit me like a ton of...
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