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Contracts 101 Overview of photography contracts
A contract should be utilized with every client your studio elects to serve.  A good contract is the backbone on which a good photographer/client relationship rests. It should expressly state the duties and obligations of each party to the contract, outlining the expectations of both parties. However, in order to create a good contract, a photographer must understand the “nuts and bolts” of what composes a contract. You, as a...
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5 Tax audit red flags for your photography business
To piggyback on my recent post about taxes, let’s look at five things that raises red flags with the IRS about small businesses, including photography!  I consulted my CPA, and these were the main things he said but in no particular order or all inclusive!   Unreported Income Every document you file with state sales tax is a record. Same with the companies that send you 1099.  The IRS has...
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Intro to pricing your photography for success
Pricing is so overwhelming. You don’t want to overprice, or underprice or not price at all!  In fact, pricing can also be thought of as a marketing tool, you want it to work FOR you, not against you! Price is such a driving factor in today’s society when people select you as their photographer.    Remember we’re selling the creative process, not just a piece of photo paper or the cost...
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5 ways to maintain professionalism on the web
I’ve been wanting to write this for awhile, but I was afraid people would think I was being mean! See, the entire essence of the post!  In today’s digital era, communications are confined to digital methods, but that doesn’t mean professionalism should fall way side due to the method. Your online communication is the same as the dress you wear in front of your client. Is it what you want...
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How to turn obstacles into springboards
Within the last two weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to travel around the country and soak in knowledge of many of the greats in this industry.  From marketing to shooting to business.  I’ve learned so much knowledge that I could just vomit it all over the screen for ya’ll to read.  Instead, the one moment that stuck out above all, rests in an awkward, unsolicited comment by a stranger. Standing...
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The benefits of working for free when you do it strategically
You’re probably thinking: “Do what? Work for free?! NO way!”  Stick with me on this!!  I have found that this is one of the best things that has worked for myself in the course of my business.  This is especially true when times are slow. You want to keep your presence known on the web and active in your client’s lives. I personally have found this to be a great...
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5 Steps to being a more efficient business owner
I’m excited to share with you my top five tips to being more efficient in your daily photography biz. I have written before about the importance of balancing business and family as well as practical tips that allow me to work on the go. This past week I attended WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers Trade Show in Vegas) and attended many classes.  I particularly enjoyed one with another business nerd, Jared...
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Using Google Analytics to track your marketing
Google Analytics is a very powerful internet monitoring service for your website. If you are a photographer, you should have a website or a blog. An internet presence is an extreme must in the Digital Photography Era. Monitoring and being able to adjust to what is happening with your blog or website is very important; Google Analytics gives you the power to see it all.   What to look for on a daily basis...
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What is the difference between federal, state and sales tax for photographer
Please note: I am NOT a CPA or a Tax attorney.  This blog post is merely to help unmuddy the waters when delving into your personal research of taxes, and to help you formulate questions when you go to see a CPA. Business is so overwhelming. I totally get that. I am well versed in education and experience of running businesses and even I find myself getting overwhelmed at times!...
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5 Marketing strategies to maximize Facebook's potential
Since the changes done in recent months on Facebook, becoming visible and staying relevant is key to a successful marketing strategy using the popular social network. Improving the number of quality interactions with your fans is the best way to stay on the RADAR of your clients. Studies have shown that Facebook business pages have improved sales for small businesses and help potential clients find their websites. Maximizing your visibility on Facebook will improve...
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