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What is the difference between federal, state and sales tax for photographer
Please note: I am NOT a CPA or a Tax attorney.  This blog post is merely to help unmuddy the waters when delving into your personal research of taxes, and to help you formulate questions when you go to see a CPA. Business is so overwhelming. I totally get that. I am well versed in education and experience of running businesses and even I find myself getting overwhelmed at times!...
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5 Marketing strategies to maximize Facebook's potential
Since the changes done in recent months on Facebook, becoming visible and staying relevant is key to a successful marketing strategy using the popular social network. Improving the number of quality interactions with your fans is the best way to stay on the RADAR of your clients. Studies have shown that Facebook business pages have improved sales for small businesses and help potential clients find their websites. Maximizing your visibility on Facebook will improve...
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How to drive traffic to your site-the wonders of SEO
Today, let us continue the trend of discussing marketing!  Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s active, not passive. You must hustle and put yourself in the path of the client.  Many newer photographers starting out do not have the budgets to market, and even established photographers are taking advantage of free marketing through driving traffic to their websites or blogs. One of the most important aspects of web...
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5 Things I wish I understood coming into business
Today, I want to talk about five things I wish I had known (or understood) coming into business.   Keep business – BUSINESS. That being said, the bulk of my word-of-mouth referrals come from friends. I mean keep any business dealings with family/friends as business as possible.  Contracts. Deposits. Policies. All the same as your regular clients. What you charge your family/friends is personal preference!  Perfect example is when photographers...
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Tips you can use now to market offline
So what would happen if Social Media and the internet disappeared tomorrow? Not likely, but you never know! Would your business be dead in the water? We’ve talked about the importance of social media and web presence, but realistically not everyone is trafficking to your site so get out there! Here are a few simple, low cost ways to get exposure in your community that don’t take much work at...
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Web Presesnts- SEO for photographers
Yes…I used the wrong word for presents because Web Presence = Presents!   Having web presence will bring presents to your business in the form of exposure, clients, and networking.  Never underestimate the power of the internet. In this day and age, everyone is pretty much connected.  Even my grandma is facebooking it with the rest of us!  If she is on the net, imagine who else is out there! So you’re...
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I wrote a blog post that was spurred out of frustration for the industry, hurtfulness of a strangers comment, and my desire to attempt to inspire others.  I received GREAT feedback, but I also received backlash from it. In fact, one of the great features of my blog allows me to see where my traffic comes from. Someone had posted a link to my article (which I thank you for...
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We often talk a lot about marketing & branding over here on thelawtog.com blog. This week we’re going to go over the importance of carrying over your branding into your print packaging.   Why Package Imagine, you spend all this time dressing up your family, finding the right photographer, and expend a decent amount of money for this luxury called “customized portraiture”…then you get your product, and it’s nothing more...
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This is not an original post but some fun for me this season!  I actually first learned of this here.  I seriously LOVE me some bokeh. The dreamy and creamy effect in photographs just is so much fun to me. Ready to learn how to shape your own bokeh?? Let’s go!     I used my 50mm 1.4 Cut a heart in about 1/2 inch on a piece of paper...
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How to choose a location for your photo shoot
Location, location, location! YES, location is important!  It adds to the experience for your client, brings about the aesthetics for your photography, and can be a source of inspiration. During every pre-session consultation, I talk to the client about the type of look they are going for in their photographs.  Their feedback will greatly impact my decision.  I’ve been truly lucky to have many clients that defer to my professional...
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