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Photography copyright laws what does it really mean for you
Ahh..thanks to technology life is easier and more difficult for artists! Photographers are no exception.   The words “copyright” are thrown around a lot on photography forums but what does it really mean for you? Stick out the legal mumbo-jumbo with me, and you’ll see suggestions on what you can do to protect your artistic works. Here’s just a general guideline of Photography Copyright Laws and resources for you to...
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Yes, digital photography contracts are legal. Your time is your most valuable commodity; but, you can only be in so many places at once. The wonderful people driving today’s technological boom have acknowledged this. To solve this age-old conundrum, tech companies are constantly looking for time savers; some device, program, or hardware that will allow once prolonged tasks to be accomplished with brevity. As a small business owner/photographer, you will...
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Never give up encouagement to keep growing
Nothing hard hitting…just  wanted to offer some encouragement! We all start somewhere. We are never where we want to be. The most important thing is recognizing what you have learned, what you can do to help others grow, and what you’re gonna do to get better. Here’s a picture I’ve shared a few times but it represents my first client returning to me after a few years for round #2....
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how to market on a budget
Marketing is so crucial to business that you should definitely invest.  However, this doesn’t mean you have to be extravagant to make it work. During my first year of business, I wasn’t even sure I was going to “make it work”.  I was afraid to invest a lot of funds, so I found creative ways to market.   Forward Plan If it’s the month before Christmas and you’re just starting...
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I’m so excited to announce I’m returning to Jpeg2Raw’s podcast show on April 1oth at 8pm CST! You can listen to my previous show here: October 16, 2012   FAQs So how does it work?   Log on to http://www.novstudios.com/ Ask questions in chat Hear me answer and chit chat about selected topics + answer questions from chat! Listen closely for giveaways!   What is in it for me? Ask anything!...
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5 Tips to organizing your business
Being organized is critical to an efficient workflow, which in turn is going to help prevent burn out, maximize funds, and help you provide better customer service.  At the end of this post, I’ve listed related posts of how to be efficient and automating workflow, however, here are some more practical items on how to organize!   1. Plan Ahead Plan. Plan. Plan. Planning ahead is one of the most...
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When should I start charging Pricing photography
This is a question I receive in my inbox on a regular basis.  My typical response is “it depends” and I know that doesn’t satisfy the reader who is awaiting a response.  Here are a few things that I personally believe should be evaluated and achieved prior to entering on the scene as a “professional”. Do I still squirm at the thought of calling myself a professional photographer? You betcha!...
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5 Must-have things to include in your client guide
What is better than condensing all of the same questions you respond to via email into one pretty little package?  I touched on this a bit in my post about efficiency and figured I could expand for you!   Why have a client guide? Easy, professional, efficient way to streamline the booking and ordering processes.  I am a big advocate of front loading bookings with information but doing it in a...
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Contracts 101 Overview of photography contracts
A contract should be utilized with every client your studio elects to serve.  A good contract is the backbone on which a good photographer/client relationship rests. It should expressly state the duties and obligations of each party to the contract, outlining the expectations of both parties. However, in order to create a good contract, a photographer must understand the “nuts and bolts” of what composes a contract. You, as a...
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5 Tax audit red flags for your photography business
To piggyback on my recent post about taxes, let’s look at five things that raises red flags with the IRS about small businesses, including photography!  I consulted my CPA, and these were the main things he said but in no particular order or all inclusive!   Unreported Income Every document you file with state sales tax is a record. Same with the companies that send you 1099.  The IRS has...
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