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As Seen: Reframe Success + Rachel Brenke - The Importance of Protecting Your Business
Christine Tremoulet invited Rachel on her new podcast to talk about contracts and copyrights. Get a pen and paper ready! This episode was chock-full of information you will want to have.   Key things to listen for: Why we need contractsHow to use contracts to increase buyer confidenceThe importance of understanding the contracts you are giving your clientsDifferent ways you can communicate the terms of your contract to your clientsIf...
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As Seen: The Profitable Photographer + Rachel Brenke - Contracts and Legalities
Recently, Luci Dumas from The Profitable Photographer invited Rachel to her podcast to talk about the legal aspects of photography businesses.  This episode was packed full of good information, so get your pen and paper ready and be prepared to take lots of notes!   Key things to listen for: importance of protecting your name when you realize other people see value in the name you have chosen top legal...
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LLC photography business
Previously aired in TheLawTog® Facebook Group– come join us! https://www.facebook.com/groups/lawtog/ -What an LLC is -How you set up -Why paying Incfile/Legal zoom or just the state to do it isn’t enough! Resources: https://thelawtog.com/top-7-answers-to…/ https://thelawtog.com/5-reasons-photo-…/ https://thelawtog.com/product/diy-llc/ https://thelawtog.com/bizrevamp-reg/ Transcript: Rachel Brenke with TheLawTog. I wanted to do a real quick video on some of the top questions that we have about LLCs or Limited Liability Companies. My little disclaimer for this, as...
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3 Ways to Fix How You're Doing Instagram
I think you know this, right? Likes & Followers on Instagram? They don’t equal sales. 10,000 followers is not the same as $10,000 in cash. Matter of fact, there are many people on Instagram with 10,000 followers who are not making any money at all. Some people are even paying for the privelege of being in business. If you’re looking to build a following for your photography business without a...
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How a Studio Management System Can Change Your Life
Running a photography business is hard. There are so many moving parts and so many balls to juggle at any given time. And at the end of the day, most of us just love taking photos. It’s no secret that creative rock stars are often challenged by the discipline required to make sure that all of your tasks are getting tackled. Using a studio-management system like Iris to make your...
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The Mean Green Viral Legal Machine
So, we’ve seen it go viral in the photography industry. The cute Christmas photographs with the mean green guy. Super cute photos? Sure. Super cute cease and desist received? Not so much. There is major upheaval in the photography community the last few weeks about legal issues surrounding these photographs, the legal rights and what to do now. This article is from THE legal resource for photographers (HINT: No one...
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5 Super Simple Ways to Get Your Images to POP!
Feel like your images have been falling a little flat lately?  Not getting that POP you’d hoped for? Don’t stress! There are some really easy fixes that you can do today to give your photos that pop you’d hoped they’d have.  Here are 5 super simple ways you can make that happen both before you even push the shutter and later in post processing!   Use Complementing Colors Pay close...
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5 Tips for Better Lead Generation
Lead generation should be something every photographer is testing on a regular basis. For example, a popup on your website is something that you might have to see. But trust me, they work. What kind of popup is ideal, though? Let’s dive into that with 5 tips for better lead generation.   Test Everything The answer to the above question depends on your site visitors and clients. For example, a...
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As Seen: Mistakes Make Magic Podcast + Rachel Brenke - How to Avoid Strategic Leaks and Legal Potholes
Last November, Catherine Guidry from Mistakes Make Magic invited Rachel to talk about legal issues in our businesses that we need to be aware of.     Key points to listen for: Rachel’s entrepreneurial path She says it all the time: “You never have an issue until you have an issue!” Rachel explains what she means by that. Common copyright mistakes Why education is key Potential legal issues that we...
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Recently, Rachel Brenke, head of TheLawTog® and owner at Connors and Brenke, took on corporate giant, Airbnb, and obtained a very favorable settlement in a large copyright infringement dispute on behalf of international photographer Jiayi Wang.  Not only is this a win for Wang, but this is a win against corporations who believe they can wield their strength of deep pockets against the small business owners and creatives who are...
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