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Setting up your photography business with a legal entity separate from yourself is incredibly important for liability protection.  By taking the steps to file with the state to create this entity but simply because the government gave you a little piece of paper does not mean your protection is guaranteed. You see, the government wants us to “earn” this limited liability protection and sets the bar for us business owners. ...
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It’s time to make this photography thing serious. You log onto social media groups and see the potential for client issues and liability. You feel it in your bones. You don’t want to have to deal with doing things wrong and the government coming after you. You also truly want to avoid issues with clients and protect yourself. The groups tell you – “Go get your business license! You just...
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You’ve caught the photography bug. You have come to realize that you’re really good at it. Friends start liking all your posts and asking you to their photographs Money (maybe) starts heading your way in exchange for your talent. So, what now? You know you want to stay out of trouble with the law, especially the IRS. Good! But it is still confusing on when and how to set-up your...
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Photography contracts are a core piece of the legal triad. This triad works to limit liability and protect the photographer. Contracts are an essential pieces of this – but it’s not as simple as just selecting a contract and moving on. As an experienced photographer/lawyer who works every day on contracts, copyright and other legal matters for photographers internationally – I’ve boiled down the 4 things photography contracts are that...
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When it comes to legalities it can be overwhelming and scary. We get it!  That’s why, here at TheLawTog, we actively work to bring you the step-by-step information you need to get your business legally protected efficiently and affordably so you can get back to doing what you love…photography! While setting up a legal photography business has many moving parts – primarily in three major phases. The Legal Triad –...
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Understanding the legalities that protect you from liability during pandemic is especially important.  In this video, I walk you through the liability legal triad (that is needed outside of pandemic as well) covid specific contracts needed tips and tricks to navigating this time and more! Snag our entire Covid-19 Legal Contract bundle here.   MUST HAVE Services Contract –  This contract document is to be signed between you and your client. ...
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We get how scary these times are. We also know how extremely overwhelming and unknown trying to run a photography business is – even when NOT in pandemic. It’s okay. We have your back with this timeline view of the legal contracts needed in your photography business.  But before we get to this.  Understand I, Rachel Brenke (founder of TheLawTog) and the entire team are not just bringing this information...
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Reopening your photography business during and after this pandemic can be extremely overwhelming! We recorded this video during the middle of pandemic, as many places started phasing openings.  Please use it as a general guide to assist you in reopening your business. To snag our full Covid-19 photography contract bundle – including a reopening checklist + swipe copy for Covid-19 procedures to post on your website go here.    
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General FAQs What do I need to have in my contract?  Rescheduling Cancellation Force Majeure Covid-19 Protection See all a-la carte provisions here   How can I protect myself if a client still wants to photograph? Make sure you have proper liability insurance and use a Covid-Specific Liability Waiver   Why should my waiver be separate from my contract? It serves a completely different purpose and we want the assumption of risk/liability waiver...
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Contract Provision Protections Check your current contracts to see if you have the follow provisions. If you do not, we suggest getting them integrated for the future. -Cancellation & Rescheduling – Governs cancellations of the contract.  In this situation, the client is the party requesting to amend or cancel the contract -Substitute photographer (for events, weddings) – The substitute photographer clause is a provision in a contract that gives a photographer the right...
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