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🔥 It’s not IF it happens. It’s WHEN it happens. Yes. Intellectual property impacts your business daily. And others who don’t know (or don’t care) about IP laws can take away from the brand you’ve built and/or products you’ve created. 🛑I’m sure you’ve seen this in groups: -Someone jacked my images and is using on their instagram! – My blogpost was scraped and is being used on a large brands...
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  Hey friends, Rachel Brenke from TheLawTog … and I just want to give you a quick little video about something that I have been seeing happening in a lot of Facebook groups and coming into my email inbox. It’s about the excuses that you may be making about why you’re not following through on certain legal formalities and stuff you can implement in your business to prevent issues. This may...
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BizRevamp® is the ONLY legal & business webcourse for photographers! Whether you’re new, or have been in business a while – we can all use a little revamp! This course goes over the legal, biz, pricing and planning that your photography business needs.   What You’ll Learn BUSINESS FORMATION TAXES INSURANCE & RETIREMENT LEGAL DIRECTION BUSINESS PLANNING PRICING & SALES What’s Included ON DEMAND VIDEO LESSONS PRINTABLE HANDOUTS, CHECKLISTS, AND...
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Photographer’s ask this question everyday. all day. multiple times a day.  In our group. In our email inbox. In social media DMs. … and you just might be asking the same thing! “How can I protect my images from someone stealing them or using without my permission?” Protecting intellectual property is a real and serious necessity for business owners in this digital age. The idea that anything posted online is...
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X used my images without asking, now what? In our large, but totally awesome, Facebook community – this is the #1 question that we get repeatedly.  Why? Unfortunately, it’s because people don’t give a damn about respecting others intellectual property.  Whether it is images, logos, music..you name it.   Now yes, I understand that many simply “just don’t know”….which I might be able to buy when there are private individuals (who...
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