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Now that we’ve talked about how to achieve total brand protection in the past few posts, It’s time for a review. Don’t worry, there isn’t a quiz or anything. First, it’s important to remember the three keys to owning your brand: Owning your assets through appropriate contracts with brand asset creators (logo designers, content writers, videographers, brand kit developers, etc.) Obtaining copyright registrations Applying for trademark(s) Now, what’s copyright registration...
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Hey you — yeah, you! Have you ever thought about copyrighting your business assets? You HAVEN’T?!? We need to fix that. Let me tell you why. WHAT YOU CAN COPYRIGHT Under United States Copyright Law, anything that’s “fixed in a tangible medium of expression” can receive copyright protection. That’s a fancy way of saying things like books, photographs, computer programs, graphic design elements, written digital content, songs, videos, and more....
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The word “trademark” gets thrown around a lot, but what does it mean? Is owning a trademark really relevant to you as a small business owner? Today is your lucky day because we’re about to mic drop some serious trademark knowledge for you! WHAT THE HECK IS A TRADEMARK? A trademark is a “source indicator.” It’s used to identify the provider of a product or service and distinguish it from...
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As an entrepreneur, you know how important it is to establish an identifiable brand that consumers recognize and trust. It’s why you spent time and money conceptualizing your business name, logo, slogan, and marketing content. What if I told you that you may not actually own any of it? *Record scratch* That’s right! There are potential pitfalls many entrepreneurs like you aren’t aware of when it comes to making sure...
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Hiring a photo editor can help increase your profit margin, maximize your time, and help grow your photography business.  As always here at TheLawTog, we want to help ensure that you are legally protected, so check out these tips below. First, determine their status – independent contractor versus employee. Second, provide yourself a budget line item for the photo editor. Third, use an Independent Contractor or Employee Contract bundle including:...
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Whether you’re doing in-person sales, online virtual sales session or simply an online gallery – I’m sure you want to protect the sale (and that moneyyyyy!!) The goals of having different sales contracts in place are to set expectations with client inform client of all obligations protect the sale from buyers remorse, etc. legal relationship created if need to enforce   It is recommended to use some or all of...
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Help! My client and I have agreed to not require their signature on model release, however the client still wants reassurances for privacy.  What do I do? Great question, friend. First, I’m proud of you for working with the client on their desires, even though this means you will no longer be able to use these photographs in marketing.  We never know their reasoning – which can range from domestic...
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Business Tools for Photographers
  I read it on the internet, so it’s got to be true, right?  WRONG.  Photographers have been told over and over to never sell copyright to their photos.  But why?  Because so and so said so.  No one ever seems to actually have a good reason for refusing to sell copyright.    But, I’m about to give you three reasons why you should, or at least give you an understanding...
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Sure, you’ll have the images for your own memories of special people in your lives, but if it’s not people you’d really like to use up your camera clicks for, save yourself the trouble by asking them to sign one from the get go. You’ve been there before I am sure, out and about with your camera, taking photos of friends and family. What do you do when you decide you...
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Deciding to close your business can be a stressful but needed choice. Here is a high-level checklist to help you walk step-by-step to wrapping up your business affairs.   Protect the intellectual property Make sure to transfer all intellectual property from entity to yourself personally – this includes photographs, logos, etc.  – Use this document and keep on file    Dissolve with your jurisdiction If you created a corporation, limited...
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