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Failure Can Be Memorable in a Good Way!

Just because something fails doesn’t mean that it wasn’t beautiful in the process.   With the heat wave reaching across America my son and I tried to fry an egg on the sidewalk.  Nothing happened…until the dog came by and ate it.  But what am I left with? An afternoon of him running out to […]

DIY: Banner Prop

  As someone who doesn’t excel as a child photographer, let alone my own children, I attempted to take my son’s 6th Birthday pictures but I didn’t want to invest in any props until I was sure he would cooperate.  I decided that I love all the banner portraits and wanted to give it a […]

>Regrets are okay as long as you learn from them

> I don’t have many regrets in my life but this picture symbolizes one of my biggest personal regrets.  A decision I made that has impacted my entire family’s lives.  Personally and professionally you should never have any regrets, but as long as you learn from it that is really all that matters.  Do you […]