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Military Spouse Appreciation Giveaway Winner

  A piece of my heart belongs to the military, particularly those that are holding down the homefront.  This past Military Spouse Appreciation Day myself and other vendors worked together to bestow a great gift on a deserving military spouses.  We had over twenty very deserving contestants but it came down to the Summer as […]

Pinterest Project – Rainbow Canvas

  I’m just slightly addicted to pinterest. Pinning on virtual pin boards then executing my hundreds of pins! Here is just one that was a great activity for me and my six year old.    Supplies needed: – Approx 60 crayons (I got the RoseArt ones 24 crayons for 0.20 from target!)  (0.50) -Canvas of […]

Friday Thoughts

  Things get so busy around back to school time so I haven’t been putting out alot of in depth and intuitive business blogs. Mostly because I’m not sure the readership is here as everyone makes their last minute getaways to the beach! So for today I’m going to do a quick run down of […]